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-Victor Mendelsohn, a diamond cutter is found stabbed to death with his own electric saw.

-When Jane drinks tea from the victim's kitchen he suffers severe hallucinations and sees his deceased daughter.  She tells him his quest for Red John isn't helping her. She'd dead.

-Victor's diamonds are found in his assistant's bag but Jane believes he was set up.  He and Lisbon work through the clues of his hallucination.

-Jane realized that the neighbor, Betty lied.  She could see into Victor's kitchen. 

-Betty drugged Victor's tea and stole his diamonds, then made him saw into himself in his drugged state.

-When the hallucination of Charlotte disappears, we see Jane making himself more tea.

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After the girl told Patrick "you know who you are"...I immediately thought maybe Patrick is Red John?!???? Doesn't make much sense but just maybe..... I want to get some of that tea! I've got to google it...


Well, I'm going with her being part of his subconscious. When he met her, he had already fallen on the floor in the kitchen in the real world. Where he met her was different from what it was when they came back. He saw her when he was with Lisbon, and she didn't see her. Plus the advise she gives is sensible....he is troubled. His own analysis, his hallucinations are signals from his subconscious helps him solve the crime. The other possibility is that the team has a mass coordinated hallucination, which I bet against. So, she isn't real, but she might come back as as voice for his id.


I don't believe Charlotte is still alive.Devil's Cherry is one of the many names of Atropa Belladonna,a powerful poison that causes hallucinations...I think Patrick has been poisoned and Charlotte is a work of his mind.


Sound suspicious. I mean it change everything. did Jane lie or hallucinating or even the theory of Jane is RJ will come back. You see, if the daughter is really still alive then Jane is the suspicious one. well, i think I still trust Patrick is not RJ so something's wrong with the girl. Mayb she try to distract Jane from the current investigation or maybe she come on the order of the one and only, Red John!. Exciting ep, I can't wait for it!!!!!!
Oh, n maybe she is related to one of Jane clients :p . That is all




If the girl is a real person and not Jane hallucinating or something, she was put up to it by Red John as a way of messing with Jane's head. She certainly would not be his actual daughter alive but hiding out or being hidden out all these years. Reminds me of a "Monk" episode where Monk's deceased wife turns up after having been murdered several years past. Monk got severely traumatized emotionally, thinking it might really be her, until he learned the woman was faking his wife's identity.


Yikes. That sounds like an incredibly promising blurb. i can just imagine all the angst and jack-assery thats gonna be present in this episode. BTW hasnt he promo aired yet?

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

How can I know what I know will help you?


Same as it ever was, more bodies, more death.