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-Three bodies killed almost 25 years ago are found in the basement of a barn. Outside, a Red John smiley face appears on the barn wall.


-It's Lisbon's 10th anniversary with the CBI. Rigsby throws her a surprise party with a stripper. She hates it.


-CBI Agent Ray Haffner is planning to leave and start his own security firm. He offers Lisbon a job with a substantial salary. She turns it down. Then she realizes that Ray is a member of Visualize.


-Jane and Lisbon uncover that the three murder victims were members of Visualize. One victim was high on speed and attacked the veterinarian. The vet's daughter shot him. The mother and daughter hid the body in the basement where they found the two others already dead.  The daughter believes someone was watching them.


-Jane is narrowing down the list of people he's shaken hands with.  He tells Lisbon that knowing that Red John was at that farm will help him narrow it further.

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all right! they cut off golf and went to 60 Minutes on time!


@Abbsolute55, there's actually a promo online. It's weird because it's filmed from a TV broadcast and showed up first on foreign language sites when I looked several days ago. Not sure why it's not available direct from CBS, unless they had to make some last minute changes to the show that made the promo wrong. Be interesting to see.


I don't see an episode listed for next Sunday . . . And now we're getting bumped by golf. They're only going to nine holes I think, but they're only on 3 now. Major grumble.


I agree! two weeks is way too long, I'm so happy it's near now!! cant wait!!!


IKR its Tuesday c'mon already


Hey when will it finally be possible to see the promo of 5x13? I can't wait! Two weeks without new episode is like a day without water...:P

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Rigsby: Anybody feel as bad as I do?
Cho: Not if you feel like you look.

This is very depressing. I'm going to wait outside.