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-Cpl. Lucy Green is killed outside of a church. A mysterious caller contacts 911.


-Jane and Lisbon track down the 911 caller.  Pete Cohen is a veteran suffering from a traumatic brain injury. He has no memory of making the call or of Lucy's death.


-Cho finds out that Lucy was protecting another soldier, Rose Sutfin who filed an anonymous sexual harassment complaint. Cho pushes the Sergeant reopen the investigation after he originally closed it because Rose was too scared to talk.


-Jane helps Pete with his memories through hypnosis and accessing his memory palace.


-Jane tricks Pete into saying that Lucy gave him a key to a locker before she died. Lucy's colleague, Dr. Bowman tries to break into the locker.


-Lucy was about to start an investigation into the case of missing prescription drugs which would have led to him. He killed her to keep from getting caught.

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I liked the story, but I feel that this story was "stolen" from NCIS repository of stories. And it could be recorded and aired any time in Season 5. But, if the producers and writers of the show analyse the response from viewers in this type of forums, it is obvious that this episode did not provoke the viewers to comment. The most intriguing ingredient in The Mentalist is the never-ending battle between Jane and RJ. Everything else is just a nice intermezzo.


Simon Baker was a genius in portraying the character of Patrick Jane in this episode. We should embrace those young soldiers the way Patrick Jane has done it. I admired his deeply felt appreciation and gratitude for those young solders, and I loved the compassion and gentleness in his face when he was thanking those soldiers during their group session and felt sadness looking at their unemotional and blank faces. My favourite scene was the last one, when Jane lovingly helps that young soldier with his Memory Palace and the camera slowly and gently moves away, leaving them alone in their private, kind world at last!


@black white and red all over it.
But then, I saw something else, and realised how we have become indifferent as a civilized society to horrific tragedies of our young soldiers, who risk and loose their lives for us and when someone finally shows us their tragic stories, we have nothing else to say, but talk about how uninteresting and uncomplicated the storyline was for us in the episode. This sounds like horrific story in itself, doesn't it?
Therefore, I must say this was a great storyline, one of the most mowing, deeply felt and tragic, that deserved to be told! A story about young healthy people dying horrific deaths for us, and those injured, like the ones with PTSD, who are left behind with ruined lives, and we watch their straggle to reclaim their lives alone without us even thanking them! told!


@black white and red all over it. I strongly disagree with you!
I was looking at your comment for a while and was not sure whether we watched the same great episode. I could not understand how could anyone be so terribly negative and talking to us about the show we, fans have loved so much for all those 5 seasons, especially the 5th season, because of CBS's Sunday night's "DEATH SLOT" at 10pm. We would do anything to keep the show for the next season. I am sorry to ask you that, but are you from CBS?


I'm sorry but this just was not a good episode and that's the first time I think i've ever said this about the show. Just nothing interesting; no more insight into the characters and the storyline was incredibly predictable and lacked the usual twist, however slight it sometimes is, the show always has. Feel like the show half-assed this one.

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Jane: We have to go back to the crime scene.
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: I want a taco.

Discipline always comes with a price.