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On the season seven premiere...

- Dunder Mifflin performs a lip dub version of Nobody But Me throughout the office.

- Gabe is now dating Erin, and Andy is suppressing a lot of rage in order to deal with it.

- Jim tries to pull a prank on Dwight and his huge key ring, but Pam ruins it.  She then pulls a prank of her own, switching all of the elevator buttons on Dwight.

- Michael has hired a new assistant for the office, his nephew.  Nobody likes him and he's terrible at his job, but Michael can't fire him because he's related to him.

- Michael finally gets tired of his nephew and spanks him in front of the entire office.  The kid runs away.

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The Office Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Dwight: Bigger the key chain, more powerful the man.
Jim: That's right...janitor said that.

Hey, Dwight I don't know if you've heard, but we're supposed to be drinking out of weird back packs instead of cups like regular people...oh you did hear.