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Davina asks to attend a music festival. She and Marcel agree on a compromise that involves Cami watching over Davina. Cami, however, is under Klaus' compulsion. Klaus meets Davina and tries to get her to change her allegiance. 

Rebekah finds Elijah who brings her into a memory so she'll know it's him and not one of Davina's tricks. He has another plan for protecting the family and gaining Davina's trust and asks Rebekah to watch Hayley.

Hayley visits a doctor in the bayou where she is attacked. A mysterious wolf protects her.

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AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I loVe this show! It's even better then TVD!! It's more grown up for the 25-35 watching fans, not just teens. It's mature and the story lines r more real and not teen drama. Also nice if Tyler the wolf joins the show and teams up with klaus!! A member of the wolf side plus Tyler was always more mature than TVD. Good on u writers! Each ep is good, and marcel has to be put down a noch. Klaus raised him and in return marcel stole his kingdom "LITERALY" it's time the originals took it back.