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Eternal Moonshine
Watch The Simpsons Season 19 Episode 9
"Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind"
Original Air Date:

Homer wakes up in the snow with no memory from the night before, and Moe informs him he drank a "Forget-Me-Shot," a drink powerful enough to rid the previous 24 hours from a user's mind.

E.T. Phone Fox
Watch The Simpsons Season 19 Episode 5
"Treehouse of Horror XVIII"
Original Air Date:

The nineteenth season's annual trio of Halloween stories, all of which are movie parodies: E.T., Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Se7en are parodied.

The Simpsons Season 19 Quotes

Why do I need another penny? I have billions. Still, if I don't take it, that hoodlum over there might.

Mr. Burns

Homer: One small coffee, please. And a bunch of those placemats with the mazes on them.
Pimple-Faced Kid: They're all the same maze.
Homer: Somebody's gotta do 'em.

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