19 TV Characters Who Have Served Our Country

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13. Seeley Booth

Seeley Booth
On Bones, Seeley Booth served as a long-time sniper in the Army. He achieve the rank of Master Sergeant following service in the Gulf War, Somalia and Kosovo.

14. Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer
Before he ever saved the world on 24, Jack Bauer was a member of the Army’s Delta Force. He earned a Silver Star, Purple Heart and Legion of Merit and was a Captain when he left the military.

15. Buster Bluth

Buster Bluth
Buster Bluth enlisted in the Army to prove a point to his mother. A seal then bit off his hand.

16. Abraham Simpson

Abraham Simpson
Abraham Simpson was a master sergeant in the Flying Hellfish unit of the Army during World War II. He actually served with Montgomery Burns.

17. Montgomery Burns

Montgomery Burns
Montgomery Burns served in World War II. He clashed there with fellow Flying Hellfish unit member Abraham Simpson.

18. Marcel Gerard

Marcel Gerard
We don't know Marcel Gerard's exact military experience. But we do know he looks good in uniform!

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