The Good Wife Recap: Series Premiere

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The Good Wife got off to a great start last night.

Thanks to an impressive cast (led by Julianna Margulies) and featuring a timely subject matter (the scorned wife of a cheating politician), it's safe to assume that CBS has a hit on its hands.

Did you miss the pilot episode? Wish to catch up on various storylines? Check out our summary of the series premiere.

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Check out a few of our favorite The Good Wife quotes from last night and let us know: Did you enjoy the first episode as much as we did?

Alicia: You're worried about my husband, Mr. Childs. You've obviously never made a woman angry. | permalink
Peter: When I get out, it will all go back to normal.
Alicia: Nothing will ever go back to normal. | permalink
Client: Does it ever get easier?
Alicia: No, but you do get better at it. | permalink
Diane: You have some very prominent baggage. But, hey, if [Hilary Clinton] can do it, so can you. | permalink

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