Gossip Girl Review: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

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Last night's Gossip Girl featured moral lines being crossed, bad decision making, romantic twists and turns, slightly confusing plot lines and a whole lot of Lady Gaga.

In short, pretty much what we were expecting. Follow the link for a full recap of "The Last Days of Disco Stick." Now for our review of what worked and what didn't:

Dan, Olivia and Vanessa: For the most part, the aftermath of last week's threesome was handled well ... even if it featured a lot of Vanessa being manhandled by Dan!

Olivia got jealous of V and Dan's supposed feelings for her and left to go film a movie. Fare thee well, Hilary Duff. You weren't too annoying, but it was time to say goodbye.

The odd twist we liked was that Vanessa seems to be interested in someone else, whereas Dan has feelings for her. We would have guessed it would be the other way around.

Oh, Poor V

After last week's threesome, Dan's love life predictably imploded this week.

Blair and Lady Gaga: There was too much Lady Gaga for our taste last night, but give Gaga credit for refusing to do a standard, music-plugging, ratings-boosting cameo.

The idea for the cabaret - a Snow White-themed Lady Gaga musical, followed by her own two-song set, was the singer's own collaboration with the Gossip Girl writing staff.

That's pretty cool. We're still not quite clear on why this event was Blair Waldorf's ticket to NYU glory or why she cares so much about that crowd, but it was fun to watch.

Serena, Nate and Tripp: Now we're talking. Throughout this third season, we've been complaining that Gossip Girl has lost some of its morally-questionable edginess.

Married Congressman-elect Tripp nailing Serena certainly shoves that in our face, and watching her leave with him after Nate admitted feelings for her at the end was painful.

This is Serena, though. She cannot make a good decision. Ever. We're not quite sold on Tripp bailing on his marriage so fast, but those legs on Serena ... okay, we're sold.

Break it Up

Chuck Bass saves the day ... at least for this episode.

Jenny, Chuck and Damien: Chuck effectively has to babysit Damien, the teenage son of a diplomat from Belgium who he hopes to get in good with for business purposes.

Luckily, Jenny is feeling bored being the queen of the Upper East Side and decides to take him off Chuck's hands. He's hot, after all, so this should be some harmless fun.

That is, until he starts dealing drugs in the park. Now Jenny, an honor student at the Serena School of Bad Decisions, is even more intrigued by this mysterious hottie!

She agrees to accompany him on his next deal, which takes place at a club. Fortunately, Chuck steps in and puts a stop to it just before Jenny can officially sling some E.

Chuck throws Damien and his dad out of his hotel and tells J that she shouldn't go down that path. It was awesome to see new, mature Chuck giving brotherly advice.

Which she promptly ignored, texting Damien to meet up again, but still.

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