The Simpsons Review: "The Bob Next Door"

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One of our favorite Simpsons characters, nay villains of all times, Sideshow Bob returned to the show last night in "The Bob Next Door" so expect this to be an extremely biased review.  Well, yes, technically reviews are biased, but you get the idea.

Sideshow Bob is Back!

So what was this episode's excuse for breaking out the convict who's serving at least a few life sentences by now?  Like everything else, blame it on the bad economy, of course!  The whole Face/Off style of getting Bob out of prison was actually pretty clever and we'll admit it, suprised us.

The episode definitely had a strong plot line with good twists, and as much as we hate to say anything bad about the episode, the jokes just weren't there.  We always appreciate a good throwback to the infamous "rake joke" and poor Bob having to suppress his love of the theater, but the episode just didn't have the same humor as say, "Cape Feare."

Call us queasy, but every time Bob or Walt's face came on or off, the gross out gag worked on us.  It's a rare Sunday night when The Simpsons beats out Family Guy for gross out humor.  Well done guys.  Only question is, did Bob also do a hair transplant or what?  And if so, think you could fit us with that beautiful head of red cactus hair?

All joke complaints, just having Bob around with a clever plot was more than enough to keep us entertained for a half hour.  Our favorite Simpsons quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Marge: A lot of people sound like Sideshow Bob. Like Frasier on Cheers.
Homer: Or Frasier on Fraiser.
Marge: Or Lt. Cmdr. Tom Dodge in Down Periscope. | permalink
Bart: Mom, can I go?
Marge: Is your room clean?
Bart: No.
Marge: Good, that will give me something to do while you're the game. | permalink
Homer: Aw, nothing is ever boobs or ice cream. | permalink
Waitress: All the good men are either gay or have no face. | permalink

The Bob Next Door Review

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Agent: Sorry, someone else has bought the house
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Now that it's empty, who's gonna buy their house? What if someone moves in with two Barts? Or four teenage Barts?