Family Guy Review: "New Kidney in Town"

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Following the first Family Guy episode of 2011, writers and producers are either in line for free Red Bull...  or will be receiving some angry letters from the PR Department of that company any day now. 

With Peter trying Red Bull for the first time and becoming an addict, the viewers were treated to some touching family scenes on "New Kidney in Town."

Obama on Family Guy

Despite Peter’s kidney failure from drinking his own concoction of Red Bull, the majority of the episode actually revolved around the family members rallying to their patriarch’s bedside during his time of need. 

And Brian proved that he was more than just a dog and friend by sincerely offering to give up his “dog kidneys” for Peter.  Sure, it’s a moot point since Brian is a canine, but hey, it’s touching that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for Peter right?

Equally touching were Stewie’s attempts to save Brian, along with his confessions that he didn’t want to lose anyone in the family.  While I do miss the homicidal evil genius Stewie of earlier seasons, it’s nice to see the baby has feelings for his “Fat Man.”

While I thought that President Obama’s scene at the end was clever and unexpected, I also thought that the episode could have stood alone on its own with the main plot.  Also, we finally have an answer for the crazy man-sized chicken!  It’s actually a creation of Dr. Hartman that went awry.

Overall, I found the installment to be refreshing with everyone taking a part in Peter’s dilemma.  It was actually sweet and emotional for a change. And, as usual, contained a handful of winning Family Guy quotes. To wit:

Brian: Lois, I only ask this because of the dire situation I'm in. But can I hump your legs for 15 uninterrupted seconds? | permalink
Dr. Hartman: Well, stranger things have happened in medicine. I once tried to clone a chicken and it ended up being a man-sized chicken that was extremely hostile and escaped from the lab. | permalink
Brian: Ah, it's a period joke!
Peter: Ah, it's a period period joke! | permalink
Meg: I bet you don't even know what [Obama's] first name is!
Chris: I don't know... Mike? | permalink
Peter: I'm making my own Red Bull! Lois can't stop me from experiencing the manic highs and lows my body demands.
Brian: Whoa, whoa you're adding kerosene? That's insane! That'll destroy your body, Peter!
Peter: Kerosene is fuel, Brian. Red Bull is fuel. Kerosene is Red Bull...
Brian: That drink will kill you, Peter.
Peter: Whatever kills me will make me stronger. | permalink

New Kidney in Town Review

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Meg: I bet you don't even know what [Obama's] first name is!
Chris: I don't know... Mike?

Meg: It's not something you learn, it's something that's inside of you, like the ability to choose to be gay.
Chris: I don't think they choose that...
Meg: Oh trust me, they choose that.