Leverage Review: "The Boiler Room Job"

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This episode could've had a few different names - "The Chocolate Job," "The Moonwalking Bear Job," or "The Mako Job" - as it shifted from one story element to the next.

What was great about "The Boiler Room Job" was how well it did the shifts and still blended together in the end to make a truly well told story.

Did anyone else expect the civilian actors were actually Sherman’s other victims? I was as stunned as when I found out Darth Vader was Luke's father. I had not expected this heartfelt revelation in the plot to take down Sherman, but it was a nice surprise.

Dapper Nate

Of course, the episode was full of surprises as Nate and Sophie’s relationship was outed by Sherman as well. Shows you how good he really is, given than Parker, Hardison, and Eliot hadn’t suspected a thing.

It’s really hard to be attached to Sophie and Nate’s romance given that all of it has happened off camera and we only see the “day after.” Would it hurt to have an episode where we see them snuggling, or kissing, or how about a hug?

It was good to see our favorite thief hopped up on chocolate and caffeine. She rattled off the name of three episodes this year in her questioning of what the job was they were doing too, a nice touch! It was good to have happy Parker back after having seen somber Parker recently.

We also found out who the Mysterious man was that visited Nate earlier in the season - Jack Latimer - who appears to have been making a profit by betting against the companies and people that Nate and his team have been taking down. Latimer is being portrayed by Leon Rippy who was previously a regular on another TNT show Saving Grace. 

I am on the fence if he is a good guy or bad guy. He has actively avoided turning in Nate and his team as he sees the work they are doing righting the wrongs; but, at the same time he has been profiting well in the process so why would he want to turn them in. I am sure we will learn more about Latimer in the coming episodes. 

Question for the Eliot fans, was he hot in the Indiana Jones outfit or what? I watch Leverage with two women (one being my wife) and I swear one of them muttered “yummy” as he was swinging the hatchet in Ecuador; but, neither would fess up to it when asked.

Of course, Eliot also got to beat someone up again, so he seemed pretty happy when it was all said and done. 

With only two episodes left this fall it was great news to read Dean Devlin’s tweet that Leverage was renewed for Season 5. This season has offered us some of the best episodes so far, and I look forward to the seeing where we go from here!

The Boiler Room Job Review

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