Family Guy Review: Slightly Open Robery

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Carter Pewterschmidt may be a "Grumpy Old Man," but at least he’s a hard worker. He represents the heart and soul of American capitalism, God bless him.

On tonight’s Family Guy, Lois and Peter convinced Carter to retire after he crashed the car with Stewie inside. In a hilariously gruesome scene, the doting grandparents also managed to pierce their baby’s ears with Bab’s knitting needles.

Forced Retirement

Peter’s wiles to trick Carter into enjoying retirement proved to be quite effective, but also ended up backfiring on the family when Carter became the stereotype of a retired old-timer. 

In the end, his son-in-loaw saved the day by going against the ethics of Carter’s corporate empire, rousing Carter from his retirement coma.

Some of the best laughs of the night came from a number of cameos by Family Guy favorites like Death, who was trumped by Super Death. I got a reluctant chuckle out of their politically incorrect “Chinese baby girl” exchange. Consuela was also involved in the Pewterschmidt accident but saved her airbag by cleaning up her own blood.

Family Guy's obvious satire of the Florida retirement home and the retirement lifestyle was at its best during the tour. From unappreciated Avatar at the retirement residence to shopping at "Slightly Open Robery," Peter really showcased retirement at its best. After all, don't we all know old people like that?   

Although tonight wasn’t the strongest of Family Guy episodes, I enjoyed watching Carter’s attempts to be the “cool retired guy.” I love Lois’s parents and the love-hate relationship between Peter and Carter.  

What did you think of the 2011 finale? Browse some of the best quotes of the night and tell us in in the comments! 

Grumpy Old Man Review

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