The Simpsons Review: Hipster Invasion

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After quite the heart-warming episode two weeks ago, The Simpsons returned here to hilariously lampoon the overplayed hipster movement. And it was awesome!

"The Day the Earth Stood Cool" aptly satirizes the more annoying attributes of the newest iteration of cool from their vintage clothing... to their love of obscure cartoons/comics... to their compost heaps.

Homer's Cool New Friend

Homer, as a stand-in for the average audience member, allows us to vicariously experience the stages of the hipster encounter. First, there's the initial attraction. Terrence's laid back and ultra-cool style impresses Homer, and he can't help but want to befriend the newcomer.

Next, the allure of the hipster translates into a desire to emulate their behavior and look, which Homer immediately does. In adopting the style of the neighbors and blending the two families together, the show is able to give us its greatest sight gags and jokes. Like Emily's degree in "mid-century kitsch" or their son T-Rex's obscure card games.

But naturally all the work required to maintain that cool facade becomes too much to bear, especially when the hipsters are so pretentious and judgmental. Marge's lack of breast feeding causes the other mothers to turn on her. And T-Rex's cynical and derisive treatment of Homer's gift pushes Bart over the edge.

Which leads to the final stage: oversaturation! As all the hipsters move to Springfield, they quickly take over everything. The Decemberists even take over as the music teachers at the Springfield Charter Co-op Experiment. But the increasing popularity of the city obviously makes it "over" for a group of individuals always looking to avoid mainstream culture.

The episode was brilliant in its parodying of a culture that's dominated music, film, television and fashion for quite a while now. And it was still incredibly funny with its many hilarious The Simpsons quotes.

The Day the Earth Stood Cool Review

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