Kelly Hu Speaks on Castle Romance, Receiving Hate Mail and Guarding Bodies

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Kelly Hu has an issue with bodies. Guarding them, that is, as the client her character is in charge of overseeing on this week's Castle ends up a victim of murder.

I spoke to the actress this week about her dismal body-guarding skills and why she might need one herself after fans of Detective Esposito and Dr. Lanie Parish (EspLanie to you shippers out there) get a glimpse of her scenes with the handsome Jon Huertas.


So I hear you're playing Scarlett a body guard in "Death Gone Crazy" and the person you're guarding is murdered. That can't look good on Scarett's resume.
You know, I was just thinking about that. I've played a bodyguard quite a few times in my career. I actually started shooting Arrow as a body guard to another character who also gets killed. I guess I'm not a very good body guard. I ought to work on that.

I also hear rumors that the chemistry between Scarlett and Det. Esposito is pretty hot and heavy. What can you tell me about that?
I got to do some really fun scenes with Jon Huertas. We go on a little date in this episode. I actually got to meet Jon before that at a friend's house and we really connected. We had a great time. We had a great conversation. So it was fun to be able to work with him on this show and be able to have that chemistry on the screen as well. He was great to work with. So much fun.

Had you ever watched Castle before?
I saw an episode before and then I did my research when I got cast. I had worked with Stana Katic, not worked with her but I was in a film that she was also in. We never actually got to do any scenes together but I knew about her and I had met her before in the makeup trailer and everything. She's an amazing, amazing woman. Oh my God, I love her.

What film was that?
It was called Stiletto. She starred in it and I had a little role in it. I played a detective and I get killed, if anyone's going to watch it.

What was it like being a guest star on the Castle set?
Everyone was so nice. When you come onto a show that is in its fifth season, everybody's sort of got their character down. Everything's run very smoothly. Everyone knows their job and knows what's going on. It's a more relaxed set than if you were to come on a brand new show. So I think people are having more fun. They're able to just kind of fool around and of course Nathan Fillion is just awesome. He's so quick witted and so funny. I've been really lucky to be on sets like that. I'm also recurring on a show called Warehouse 13 with Eddie McClintock and they were actually friends. They are so much alike but Eddie's a little bit crazier than Nathan. Nathan's fun but Eddie's just out of his mind.

You've made appearances on several TV shows. Have you had a favorite?
Gosh. I've been doing this for 26 years so it's really hard to choose. I've recurred on a bunch of shows and I've been a regular on a bunch of shows. But I have to say that the Castle set was pretty amazing. Just cast wise, everyone was really nice and so friendly. It ranks up there probably with my top five.

If you could pick one current TV show to star on what would be your dream job?
Downton Abbey but I don't know if there's any Asians in that. Maybe a servant or something. I'd take anything on that show.

Det. Esposito has a former love interest in Dr. Lanie Parish on the show. Are you expecting any backlash from the fans who want them back together?
I think I'm going to get a little bit of hate mail after this episode airs. Just a little bit. It's tough when you're coming in to a show where people are already rooting for someone else but it wouldn't be the first time. I got a lot of hate mail the first time I ever acted on Growing Pains when I kissed Kirk Cameron too. Now I'm showing my age, right?

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