Castle Round Table: "Dressed to Kill"

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"Dressed to Kill" gave fans plenty to argue over as Kate Beckett found her wedding dress…but not everyone wants to see her wear it down the aisle. 

Below, pur TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Jennifer from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to debate Castle's reaction to Kate's modeling days and who wants her to keep that dress after Castle Season 6 Episode 14.

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What do you think of the wedding gown?

Jim: The top part was pretty, loved the sleeves, but the lace at the bottom seemed tacked on and out of place. 

Jennifer: I liked it. While, it may not be a style I would choose for myself, it had its own flare to it that made it unique. And, I think once you add those final little accessories, like the veil and such, it will be absolutely gorgeous.

Robin: (sigh) It's really not my style. I love the metallic detail, but I'm not feeling the mixed-fabric skirt at all. Somehow, though, she looks great in it.

Chandel: I am with Robin on this one. I imagined Kate in a vintage gown reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940's. It looks like it belongs on a Wedding Expo runway, not in an actual wedding. But all in all, I just want her and Castle hitched!

Christine: I'm not a fan of that dress. Although the silver beading is beautiful, it's not what I'd like to see on a first time bride. And the fluffy tulle on the skirt is horrible. Maybe Kate's apartment will blow up again or 3XK will break in and shred it. Then I'd love to see something more simple and elegant for Kate. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

September? Spring? Do you have a preference for when they hold the wedding and when do you think it will be?

Jim: Spring, please be spring, I would love to see an episode or two after the wedding in this season... doubt it will happen, I'm pretty sure the wedding will be the season finale. 

Jennifer: That's a tough one. Spring has a nice symbolism to it but, September is also a good choice, too. I guess my final answer is...Spring just because its closer and, we wont have to wait all summer to see the wedding. As to when it will happen on the show, I would say its anyone's guess.

Robin: I'm okay with spring, but I would have preferred September, actually.  We would have gotten to see them adjust to married life in "real time" without the usual time jump between seasons.

Chandel: I thought the September date was a nod to the fact the show comes back in September. Now that they've put Spring out there, also during their season, I'm not sure what to think. I think they may pull out a surprise wedding towards the end of the season!

Christine: I'm wondering if they'll plan a spring wedding but won't be able to pull it off because of some sort of obstacle (Senator Bracken, 3XK, etc.) and then we end up with a fall wedding. But at this point it is anyone's guess. I'm just hoping they give fans a romantic wedding with lots of intimate moments for us to fawn over.

Did you expect Castle to have more of a reaction to the news that Kate was a model?

Jim: After awhile, you stop being surprised when you find out about your fiancée's history. His reaction seemed on par with that.  

Jennifer: Honestly, I hadn't placed any expectations about it. I assumed it would be noted in his presence but, as far as what his reaction would be I didn't let my imagination fully take over so I neither expected a big reaction or a little one.

Robin: Not really. Castle already knew she had done some modeling from previous seasons, no? In any case, I like that the writers are leaving some of their conversations to our imagination. 

Chandel: No, as I think we already saw in a previous season that she was one. I can't remember whether or not Castle was privy to that information. If he wasn't, then I would have expected more of a reaction this time.

Christine: Actually no, Kate scrambled to keep her modeling from Castle back in season 2 "Inventing the Girl." She even threatened Esposito and Ryan if they showed him pictures. So I was really expecting more enthusiasm from Rick when he heard the news but he didn't ask anything, not even to see a photo. I was actually very disappointed. I expected them to have more fun with this story line. 

Is there one wedding planning scene you'd really like to see on the show?

Jim: Honestly, I barely survived my own wedding planning, I don't need to see ANY of theirs. 

Jennifer: While it doesn't have a direct affect on the wedding day itself, I think it might be interesting to see the bachelor and bachelorette parties or at least the planning part for them. There might be a bit of comedy to mine from those situations.

Robin: I'd like to see them discussing or choosing their wedding party. I'm looking forward to seeing who they choose to stand with them on their wedding day.

Chandel: Dance lessons, if they take them. I think that would be fun.

Christine: I was really hoping to see Martha, Alexis, and Lanie help her pick out a dress! Oh well. I'm really wondering if Castle will choose Ryan or Esposito as his best man. I'd love to see the boys vie for the spot. That could be a lot of fun.

What was your favorite scene?

Jim: I loved Kate and Matilda together trying on the dress. Both were having thoughts of the road not traveled and it was very touching. 

Jennifer: The end scene is hands down the best scene from the episode.

Robin: I liked the final scene, where Kate told Castle that her mom would have loved him. That's a powerful feeling to share, and I can't imagine how much that meant to Castle.

Chandel: I'm with Jim on the Matilda and Kate scene. So much going on there emotionally for Kate, and it's been awhile since we've had one!

Christine: I was thrilled with the final scene. Having Kate tell him exactly what she was feeling and then Castle offering to postpone the wedding if it was what she needed showed how far these two have come since the start of the series. 

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