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It seems Metatron has become something of a storyteller (although who could replace Chuck with his Supernatural works), crafting a tale where he is the hero and knows the final outcome.

Or does he?

There is something quite meta in listening to a character spout out comments about what makes a story work and who gives it that meaning. Clearly, the angel scribe of God has taken up that mantle complete with confident mastery that he is in charge of the story because, you know, he’s now “God.”

But we saw how Castiel fared as the new God, which certainly is reason as to his hesitancy for leading a flock of angels against Metatron.

So, what makes Metatron think he can master that role? And what makes him think that the characters will all play their parts? Isn’t that what Lucifer and Michael were focused on when headed towards the apocalypse. Look where that put them and ultimately the story of Supernatural.

The ending wasn’t what the angels had expected, so is Metatron perhaps overestimating his prowess? Or maybe I’m just hard pressed to believe that a character who became “God” expelled all the angels from Heaven, sent Gadreel on a killing spree and kidnapped Castiel makes him a good guy.

Even with the Winchester chips down, I’d still bet on them to pull through in the end. Or am I perhaps too confident in how I think I know the ending will end up? This meta stuff can really wrack your brain.

And Supernatural Season 9 Episode 18 was an hour that really had me thinking, had me invested and curious as to how things will play out. But I do guess that from Metatron’s point of view, it makes sense that Castiel would be the villain.

It’s also not surprising that Metatron would want to use Castiel to collect all the “dumb, disenfranchised, rebellious angels” so he could wipe them out. The real problem is that the stolen grace Castiel has is hurting him. So will he take up Metatron’s offer or will he use his gathered flock to actually take him down?

I was surprised (and at first, confused) at Gabriel’s return. He’s such a great character, and the Casa Erotica introduction was perfect for him. But it seemed too easy for him to be actually back. Still, even with Metatron’s meddling, it was a nice shock for the hour.

But even with Gabriel/Metatron trying to work Castiel, we still never heard Castiel’s answer to the deal. Would he actually take it?

On the other side of the puzzle, it was interesting to see both Sam and Dean got the drop on Gadreel. And it seemed that it even surprised Metatron. So if they can do that, can’t they change Metatron’s ending?

It was great to see Dean still struggling with the Mark of Cain, but at least able to hold back from killing Gadreel. There should be definite concern (good to see Sam worried for his brother), yet it makes me wonder if that might even put a wrench in Metatron’s plan.

Still, the fact that Metatron seems all powerful, wiping away the holy fire and the angel warding, doesn’t make things look good for the Winchester brothers. Though the fact that Castiel can drive and send picture messages on his phone means that some things are going right.

And there was definitely a great song choice to cap it all off. I can only hope that it foreshadows the brothers finding that “love” and making the “sun” shine once again.

A big showdown is on the horizon, and while I’m curious how all the angels, demons, etc. are going to converge, I’m looking forward to seeing Sam and Dean find a way to rip the script and keep writing their own story.

Sorry, Metatron, but you’re not going to wind up on the best seller list.

Can Castiel be a leader?

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