Suits Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

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He knows.

Louis' revelation about Mike - and a proposition to put his name on the door - is how the first half of Suits Season 4 came to an explosive close.

The season so far has twisted and turned in almost every direction imaginable. But while we wait to see what's on the other side for Pearson Specter (Litt?), let's take a moment to grade Suits Season 4 so far, shall we?


Best Episode: For that epic voice-over of Louis' resignation in Suits Season 4 Episode 9, "Gone," this installment tops the best list. I loved it because it was Louis' various attempts to rectify the situation that eventually proved to be the firms' saving grace. It was a brilliant, though complex, plot point, and this installment overall solidified this cast of actors and the writers as award-worthy.

Best BFF Moment: Hands down Donna convincing Louis to "fill-in" for her castmate in the Shakespeare show in Suits Season 4 Episode 5, "Pound of Flesh." Not only did we learn a little more about each of their pasts from the event, but it reminded us just how close these two are - and how much we love watching them interact!

Best One-Liner: While Suits is known for its zingers, usually of a humorous nature, it's Louis' plea to "Please take care of my home" from Suits Season 4 Episode 9 that really reminds us that Pearson Specter is more than just a law firm for all of this show's characters.

Former Friends Unite

Best Breakdown: Because Louis keeps category-sweeping, this one goes to Mike. On Suits Season 4 Episode 7, not only did Mike get his heart broken, he almost got his face broken, too. After Sidwell fired him in Suits Season 4 Episode 6, Mike was starting to realize just how alone he was, only to have Rachel drop a bomb that had him spiraling out of control.

What was nice is that Harvey - and even Louis! - weren't too far away to help pick him back up.

Best Performance: This season Louis' character has really come to the forefront, and Rick Hoffman has continually upped his game... as if it wasn't already stellar. So, for killing it in every installment, especially in Suits Season 4 Episode 9 and Suits Season 4 Episode 10, Hoffman takes this category by a landslide.

Predictions/Hopes for 4.5: I hope Louis realizes the secret he kept about his deal with Forstman, and all the damage control associated with it, makes him not much different from Mike; and that the relationships damaged by his revelation get repaired, especially his relationship with Donna.

Overall Grade: A+

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: How would you grade Suits Season 4 so far?

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