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John Ross took matters into his own hands to save Emma from the cartel in Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 but he was too late to save her from being sexually assaulted by Luis. With the cartel in prison, they threatened revenge against Nicolas and the Ewings.

But Nicolas had his own issues as Elena shot him after figuring out that he helped murder her brother. Even as he escaped with two bullet wounds, Nicolas swore he'd be back for her. 

Pamela tries to double cross John Ross by sleeping with Nasir but Bobby and Sue Ellen foil her plans as they buy back the shares of Ewing Global. 

John Ross forges a partnership with Judith and finds out he may have a sister.

Elena realizes she's pregnant but just as she heads out to meet Christopher at his car, it blows up with him inside. Don't miss a minute. Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Luckily John Ross' heart is too small for a bullet to find it.


No gun toting terrorist has ever gotten the best of a Ewing yet. It's not going to start today.