NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Inelegant Heart

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Kensi and Deeks sparred in an amazing bout!

I'm not sure whether her best move was the headlock or using his mouth guard and returning it to him. Okay, it was definitely the headlock! She got the better of him in that battle on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 2. The awkwardness that they shared after she returned from Afghanistan seems to have abated at least for now.

The case of the week started off in an unusual and intriguing manner and ended with unexpected intensity, but the actual investigation was fairly standard. It was quite unfortunate that the robber, Fisher, picked that property to hit. It became worse for him that he still decided to steal the computer equipment and then called in the murder.

Fisher may have been a thief, but he couldn't let the body and the dog remain in the house even though it put his identity at risk. When NCIS showed up to question him, he further perpetuated the saying, "They always run." And, in this case, he crashed his car through the garage door and ran into a fire hydrant. Nice mention of the drought in California.

With the stolen computers found, Nell and Eric uncover the reason for Bell's death. The contractor uncovered the true identity of the internet criminal mastermind, Papa Legba, and Bell blackmailed him. Instead of paying the ransom, Papa Legaba used his own website to contract to kill his blackmailer.

There were a few touching and funny moments throughout the investigation. The assassin getting caught in the doggie door by Sam and Callen has to be one of the top moments. You'd think an assassin would find a better way to enter and exit the property. It was worth it for the chuckle. Case solved. Or was it?

The interesting part of the hour involved Hetty and her interrogation at the Congressional hearing and the subsequent Department of Justice investigation at the NCIS: LA office. Initially it appeared that Hetty was going to be interrogated over her decision to send Kensi to Afghanistan. Honestly, it was a bad decision, but I'm not sure it was worthy of a Congressional Inquiry. 

It wasn't easy to pull information out of Hetty. She used whatever method she could to prevent exposing the truth. In an surprising twist, Special Congressional Investigator Michael Thomas asked Hetty about Branston Cole. She admitted to housing him in his time of need prior to his killing. There's much more going on than whether Hetty was wrong to send Kensi to Afghanistan.

Thomas pulled a fast one of Hetty by sending the Department of Justice into the NCIS: LA office for a forensic audit. Did Thomas even care about Hetty's answers? She may have been stuck in DC, but Hetty wasn't going to leave her people alone. After being slipped a phone, Hetty clued in Granger and through him to Nell a way to stall the investigation.

The twist to it all was well played. The online system created by Papa Legba facilitated the sale of Hetty's file and home address. She's being targeted by someone which means Thomas isn't her greatest threat. Instead, the hour ended with a man in a car with her file and a silenced weapon.

Hetty's past is coming back to haunt her. 

NCIS: Los Angeles has always been at its best when it focuses on the characters, their past, and current threats. While I understand the need to have standalone episodes, I've enjoyed the longer story arcs and I'm highly intrigued by finding out more about Hetty's past and why she's in danger now.

Who is after Hetty? Does the DOJ and Thomas have Hetty's best interest at heart? Or are they truly trying to bring her down? Could Hetty be brought down? Or is she invincible?

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Inelegant Heart Review

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