Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4 Review: Paper Moon

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After the demon Dean debacle (or even really the years of dealing with both physical and emotional battles), the Winchester brothers decided to take some much needed rest.

But let’s face it, even in getting slowly back into the swing of things, Sam and Dean just can’t help but do what they do best: saving people and hunting things.

So it was no surprise that Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4 was a standalone hour to focus on the monster of the week, all while giving the brothers plenty of time to chat it up about some of those deeper thoughts resting on their minds.

It felt like there was a good amount of time to talk for them, not just at the usual outset or closing of the hour. What’s more, Sam and Dean, even with a little bit of tension surrounding certain topics, seemed willing to talk and not fight.

Sam was able to admit that he’d gone a bit dark side in his quest to help his brother, and that unfortunately meant rubbing people the wrong way or getting Lester to give up his soul.

At the same time, Dean talked about being embarrassed by the whole ordeal of being a demon and hanging with Crowley, etc. Yet, it was his sincere thoughts on just why he wanted to get back to hunting that made the most sense.

He just wants to start doing some good.

Because sure, he and Sam could stew in their anger or their regret or all the bad they’ve done and never move forward. I’m not saying that all their issues, or even what happened with demon Dean should be swept aside, but doing what they do best, doing some good is the right kind of progress.

Even having Dean thanking his brother or Sam saying he never had to thank him was a major plus.

Clearly, using Kate the werewolf’s struggle with her sister reflected on some of the brothers’ dilemmas or simply doing what you can for family. And we’ve seen that even with the ups and downs, Sam and Dean have fought for each other.

Yes, they still have to deal with the Mark of Cain, but it’s not something they are looking to give up on. It certainly makes a decision for Kate to kill her sister and let her go, especially in how Sam and Dean have always been.

But I have to admit I didn’t even remember who Kate was (thank goodness for the in-episode flashback). She was a part of the found-footage Supernatural Season 8 Episode 4, one I really wasn’t a fan of, so I can’t say I was jumping for joy at her return.

And it’s funny to note that the Supernatural Round Table for that episode had all the panelists not interested in seeing her character again.

Yet, I didn’t dislike her return, either. It made sense in the context of discussing the points with Sam and Dean, the whole sibling relationship, etc. But really, you could have put pretty much any character in there to give Sam and Dean that story to reflect upon, etc.

The werewolf story, while it was good to see a classic monster of the week that did some connecting to Sam and Dean's drama, wasn't the most exciting and even felt like it dragged in some places.

If anything, I was far more interested and engaged in the Sam and Dean interactions for the hour. And considering their talk and focus on the most recent events, it makes me very interested to see where that all goes.

It's going to still take some time for them sure, but they are clearly headed in the right direction.

What did you think? Were you glad to see Kate back? What did you think of Sam and Dean's talks? And make sure to watch Supernatural online because the 200th episode is coming very soon!

Paper Moon Review

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