The Vampire Diaries Round Table: What Will Happen to Enzo?

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The significance of May 10, 1994 was finally revealed on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4!

We also saw Elena find out about her compulsion and make the decision not to have Alaric bring back her memories. Stefan, meanwhile, was less reluctant to move forward in Mystic Falls, returning to Savannah for the foreseeable future. 

Join Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines, Matt Richenthal and Crissy Calhoun (co-author of "Love You To Death") to discuss all of this and more...

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Black Hole Sun?"

Miranda: It obviously has to be Stefan and Damon washing the car and Damon drinking from Stefan's flask only to find out it contained squirrel blood. I love it when those two just have fun together. More of that please.

Crissy: Loved that. Also, loved the Alaric-Jeremy scene in the woods. So. Much.

Leigh: It was a small moment, but when Damon, Bonnie, and Kai were fighting and then Damon snapped at Kai and said he may be having a disagreement with Bonnie but if Kai ever put a hand on her again he'd kill him. Bonnie and Damon fight like siblings, but there is a strong bond there now. I was happy to see he had Bonnie's back.

Kai's reveal: holy crap or you saw it coming? Also, is there a way for Bonnie and Damon to get back without him?

Miranda: I knew something wasn't right with him, but killing his entire coven? No, I didn't see that happening. Makes you wonder why Grams sent Bonnie to someone else's Hell though, you know? What does she want Bonnie to learn from being there? If there isn't a way for them to get back without him, can't they just...go back with him and then Damon can snap his neck immediately? 

Crissy: Ya, seems like they should work together and then kill Kai. Though I am enjoying his new brand of evil.

LeighAll signs were kind of pointing to Kai being involved in the magic world, potentially the Gemini Coven. But having murdered his whole family and his power coming from stealing/hurting other people? Nah didn't see that one! I think they have to work with him and then deal with taking him out in the present day.

Was Stefan right to tell Elena that she compelled away her memories of Damon?

Miranda: YES! Absolutely! Thank all the deities! YES!. How the hell could this show have gone an entire season with the characters all having to pretend nothing that happened for the past two years actually happened? So glad she knows and is making the choice to live without the memories if for no other reason than now she's not asking her friends to suffer.

Crissy: Felt like the right way for her to find out — from Stefan. And in that context of his loopy coping strategy against hers

LeighYes! It wasn't fair that everyone had to pretend the last 2 years didn't exist. I also loved Stefan's speech that came along with it, which can be found in The Vampire Diaries quotes.

On a scale of 1-10, how shocked were you about Sarah's identity and what does it mean for her now?

Miranda: When it registered, I went on Twitter looking for ANYONE AT ALL to talk to about it and everyone let me down! (Except Matt who indulged my "OMG SARAH IS A SALVATORE!" revelations.) I'm not shocked by it, but it means she just inherited a fantastic piece of real estate so even if they lift the magic ban on Mystic Falls, Damon and Stefan are still homeless.

Crissy: I loved that twist. Loved it. Poor Uncle Nephew Zach never knew he had a child!

Leigh: Oh, definitely a 10. I mean, it was clear we would know one of her parents, but I had ZERO idea that she would be a Salvatore.

Enzo is being held hostage for information. How will that play out?

Miranda: Enzo is an Augustine Vampire, so something tells me he's okay to withstand a little torture. He's not going to spill his guts. Not before Matt's able to find a way to rescue him and make it look like an accident of some sort.

Crissy: Enzo can definitely hold his own...unless he wants to spill some information. I could see him dropping Stefan's name in an eternity-of-misery move.

Leigh: We all know that Enzo can withstand a lot of torture. He's also very creative with quite an imagination. I can see him twisting things for his benefit. Matt will be the one to help him along with Caroline. Tripp has no idea what he's up again.

How will Alaric turn his frown upside down since drinks with Damon at The Grill are no longer on the menu?

Miranda: Well, he does have a thing for doctors...

Crissy: I feel like Alaric is gonna be bummed out til Damon returns. That's a reunion I'm looking forward to!

Leigh: For starters, one of these selfish kids needs to teach him out to resist that strong craving for blood. They've all had training, let's get Caroline on him. She's a good teacher. Then he needs to ask out the doctor and get his mojo back. 

And here is your look ahead to The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5:

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Elena: Savannah's not your home Stefan. It's an escape, a hiding place. This is your home.
Stefan: No this was my home, but I can no longer enter its borders therefore I have a new home.
Elena: So you're just gonna throw in the towel and go back to your new fake life?

Put it this way, Bonnie's magic is one part of the equation. My as yet undisclosed knowledge is the other, which means you'd be hitching a ride home for free. I just want to know if you deserve to come along.