The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Black Hole Sun

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The first three episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 6 left us with a ton of questions.

For instance: who is Kai? Why are Bonnie and Damon stuck in 1994? Should Elena really stay compelled? What is Tripp Fell up to? Why is Alaric still so hot?

Well, luckily, the writers of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 came to play... and boy did they deliver!

The answer to that last question is simply: Matt Davis is a fox.

Moving on, though... after scouring the borders and finding no traces of Sarah, Stefan prepares himself to head back "home."

Elena: Savannah's not your home Stefan. It's an escape, a hiding place. This is your home.
Stefan: No this was my home, but I can no longer enter its borders therefore I have a new home.
Elena: So you're just gonna throw in the towel and go back to your new fake life?

It's so funny to hear Elena talk like that when she is currently reigning as the Princess of Escapism. She and Stefan indulge in a day of "re-inventing" fun, until she leaves and we find out how Stefan has really been coping with the loss of Damon: Fight Club

Luckily, Elena catches him. I say luckily not only because I don't want Stefan bruising that pretty face of his, but because Stefan calls Elena on her BS and tells her that she compelled away her memories of Damon. FINALLY!

We discussed this in our last The Vampire Diaries Round Table. Should Elena stay compelled? Should everyone have to pretend Damon wasn't part of their lives for the past two years? I get it, she is in pain and needed a way to cope. Her pain also turned her into a lunatic and the Mystic Falls border lurker. 

Whether you love, hate or just tolerate Damon... he is a part of this show and cast. People care about him and one of those people for better or worse will always be Stefan. I loved how real he was with Elena.

Damon inspired you, he pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And when you died he was the only one that could make you feel alive again and you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I loved Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn't live without him. Now you don't have to, but I do.

Stefan [to Elena]

They were a couple whether you shipped them or not.

After going to Ric, who needs a bottle of bourbon at The Grill with Damon in the worst way, Elena was presented with a new question. Keep moving forward to building a life "in the absence of the one who defined her?" Or have Ric erase the compulsion?

The journal entry that informed Elena that she was compelled was pretty awesome. Also, Bravo to Caroline for not being the one who spilled the beans!

Seriously, this was like Nicholas Sparks meets The Vampire Diaries. I'm not even hating on it because I openly love The Notebook, but yeah... Sparks could've consulted on this episode basically.

Back in 1994, we finally got some real answers. It was a true toss up between what part of the episode I liked better. Elena and Stefan's storyline or the 1994 storyline. Answer? Tie. They each provided different content and information that I needed.

Kai, as many guessed, was part of The Gemini Coven. He's also a murderer who killed his whole family and was banished to relive that day in his own personal hell. Kai draws his power from other people, thus killing them. 

So if Bonnie and Damon want out of 1994, they need to team up with a murderer. Shouldn't seem too hard considering Damon has left countless bodies in his wake, including a pregnant woman (whoa! We will get to that.) However, Bon Bon is feeling her conscience.

Plus, Kai will take Bonnie's power either way. So they can either go with him or die there. 

Why would Grams put Bonnie and Damon in Kai's personal hell back in 1994? Yes, it's clear they need to harness the power of the solar eclipse. But another coven created that purgatory for one of their banished members. I feel like I'm missing a major piece of the puzzle here and hopefully you guys can help fill it in via the comments!

Lastly, WOW did not see that Sarah reveal coming. Her father is Zach Salvatore. Sarah is a Salvatore. Not part of The Gemini Coven, or Bonnie's long lost sister. A friggin Salvatore. Brilliant. Plus, this now gives Jeremy something to deal with other than drinking.

Even though he was feeling the effects of searching the Salvatore liquor cabinet, it was great to see Alaric help Jeremy and get back in the family fold. Now it's time for us to find something that will help put a smile on his face. Might I suggest a certain cute new doctor?

Relive this weeks action packed episode when you watch The Vampire Diaries online.

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Black Hole Sun Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Elena: Savannah's not your home Stefan. It's an escape, a hiding place. This is your home.
Stefan: No this was my home, but I can no longer enter its borders therefore I have a new home.
Elena: So you're just gonna throw in the towel and go back to your new fake life?

Put it this way, Bonnie's magic is one part of the equation. My as yet undisclosed knowledge is the other, which means you'd be hitching a ride home for free. I just want to know if you deserve to come along.