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After trolling the borders of Mystic Falls for any sign of Sarah, Stefan prepares to head back to Savannah in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4. Only, Elena is not to quick to let him escape. 

Stefan promises Elena that all he wants is to start over. She wants him to prove it and together they head south on a little road trip. Stefans shows Elena the garage, his paychecks, and local watering hole. Then he shows her how fun it could be to invent a new life. They play fake engagement and pregnancy, sure to set the tongues wagging of any Stelena shippers out there!

When Elena leaves, feeling okay about Stefan's path, we find out that Stefan only acts okay because he is getting his anger and aggression out by picking fights. It's his own personal little fight club. When Elena goes back to grab her jack, she figures this out, they get into a fight, and Stefan reveals that Elena was compelled to forget her love of Damon.

An awesome Stefan speech ensues, and Elena goes to see Alaric about the compulsion. After reading a journal entry she wrote in case somebody spilled the beans about the compulsion, she decides to hold off on Alaric bringing her memories back.

Meanwhile in 1994, we find out that Kai was part of the Gemini Coven and killed his whole family. He has a tool to get out of 1994, but needs Bonnie's magic to make it work.

We also found out this week that Sarah was actually the child of Zack Salvatore and his pregnant girlfriend who Damon killed. Yikes!

Tripp Fell is keeping Enzo hostage and milking him for information. Matt has gained Tripp's trust and is working to get info from the inside.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Elena: Savannah's not your home Stefan. It's an escape, a hiding place. This is your home.
Stefan: No this was my home, but I can no longer enter its borders therefore I have a new home.
Elena: So you're just gonna throw in the towel and go back to your new fake life?

Put it this way, Bonnie's magic is one part of the equation. My as yet undisclosed knowledge is the other, which means you'd be hitching a ride home for free. I just want to know if you deserve to come along.