The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who is Kai?

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With her Damon's memories compelled away, Elena was ready to party in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3!

A lot happened at the swimming hole and we break it all down for you in this week's Round Table. Join TV Fanatic writers Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee from Love You To Death

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What was your favorite quote or scene in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3?

Miranda: It was utterly heartbreaking, but Caroline and Stefan's scene in the woods. She poured her heart out to him and he just...walked away. It felt like a Damon move, honestly. Stefan isn't a ripper right now, but he's definitely acting like a dick. If that's how he "moves on," I mean, okay? I guess? But only being nice to Elena irks me.

Crissy: My favorite was Bonnie getting her magic back...and lighting the bourbon on fire. If you're gonna waste all that alcohol, might as well light some magic fires!  

Heather: There were a handful of golden moments this episode, but Damon sitting in his car, shushing Bonnie and pretending to drive while making vroom-vroom noises? Priceless. I am enjoying 1994 Bonnie and Damon so much that I'm actually unsure if I ever want their time in bizarro world to ever end.

Leigh: 1994 Bonnie and Damon are the best. My favorite part was probably when Bonnie called him out and said "give me your ring". He was complaining so much she finally told him to give up or shut up. 

What is Kai really doing in 1994 with Bonnie and Damon?

Miranda: I think the better question is WHO IS KAI? How'd he get there? It's obvious he's there and what he's doing is trying to find a way out, but is he some sort of witchy spirit guide for Bonnie? Did Grams put him there to help her find her magic again? Did the Gemini Coven send him? I have so many questions about that dude.

Crissy: Ya, I have zero clue about Kai but I wouldn't untie him too soon. Does Damon's compulsion not work in the 1994 Weirdo World? Can't he just compel Kai to tell him every little thing?

Heather: I have to believe Kai is related to the Gemini coven in some way, be it that he is a member himself or an enemy of he coven. I'm hoping the latter because anyone who willingly destroys that much bourbon is a monster, amirite?

Leigh: I, too, would like to know WHO is Kai? I don't trust that he was only there to help provoke Bonnie into being able to use her magic again. I don't trust him period. He might be trapped there on his own and looking for a way to leech onto them and get out.

Have your thoughts on Elena's compulsion changed after seeing everyone's reactions to it?

Miranda: While the scenes where Alaric stripped her of her memories were beautifully done, I didn't like the idea that she would just have her memories erased. That's not dealing with the pain. That is, in Caroline's words, pretending. And it was mega unfair to her friends to ask them all to pretend the past two years never happened. So while I'm still anti-compulsion, I sort of like that this puts the friends in an awkward space where they all have to deal with what Elena's done. Here's hoping they all start calling her on her selfish BS.

Crissy: Well, there was the issue of Elena feeding like a crazed vampire... So it's not entirely selfish for her to rid herself of that pain through compulsion. I think this whole "Elena forgets Damon" is like an exaggerated supernatural version of what people sometimes do IRL. It's messy and complicated and makes for good TV!

Heather: I'm with Miranda - I'm very uncomfortable with Elena's compulsion, but Crissy's right - it's high drama, and watching it unravel week by week is going to be fascinating.

Leigh: It just reeks of soap opera. When Damon eventually come back it will probably prove to be interesting. Honestly though, I feel bad for her friends that it's all about Elena once again. They had lives the past 2 years also. What about them?

How is Enzo going to escape Tripp?

Miranda: My money's on Caroline saving him. It's a very Caroline thing to do in the first place, plus she's dealing with Stefan's rejection. What better way to stick it to him for being a jerk than to save the guy he's trying to kill?

Crissy: Maybe a Caroline-Matt super team! 

Heather: ENZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wait, I'm sorry, what was the question?

Leigh: Enzo is stronger than the vampires that Tripp is used to. He doesn't know who he's messing with! Also yeah, Caroline, duh.

Where did Jeremy's new girlfriend go and what's her real purpose in town?

Miranda: I'm not entirely sure where she went, but she obviously knows about the supernatural enough to play along since she's been un-compelled this entire time. If she is a witch, as someone in the comments on The Vampire Diaries review suggested, and a relative of Bonnie's maybe she's part of the Gemini Coven. Maybe she's also the key to bringing Bonnie and Damon back. She was definitely looking for something in the Salvatore mansion. The question is what mystical item was hidden there?

Crissy: Good theory! I second Miranda. 

Heather: Maybe Miranda should be in the Mystic Falls PD?

Leigh: Move over Sheriff Forbes, we've got Miranda Wicker! Agreeing with the above theory. I definitely think she's is a relative of Bonnie.

Liv and Tyler: yay or nay?

Miranda: Yay, provided Liv steps up her acting game. She's a little too pouty and one-note an actress for my taste, but if she gets Michael Trevino to take his shirt off, I'm down. Plus, she seems to inspire him not to be so angry all the time, which is refreshing. She knows his secrets so there's a level of safety there for him. I like what we've seen of Tyler over the years.

Crissy: I'm fine with the Liv-Tyler thing as long as it's not the only thing Liv has going on — I love her dynamic with her brother, I want to do more about their coven. So if she's Tyler's love interest AND super witch with other stuff goin' on, I'm down.

Heather: I'm for anything that gives Tyler a proper story line and gives Liv more screen time.

Leigh: If they're going to get together, they need to amp up the sexual tension. Will any sex scene of Tyler's ever top the one of him and Caroline at Elena's birthday party in The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 1

Here is your look ahead to The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4:

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You hired a vampire. Next time do a background check.


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