The Flash Round Table: Friendship or the Reverse?

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 Round Table, participants chat about Tony Woodward, the Reverse Flash and uneasy friendships. 

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Tanya Moat, Narsimha Chintaluri, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica as they lay their opinions on the line. Dare to take them to task for it? Hit the comments!

The Flash RT - depreciated -

What did you think about Tony Woodward; his ability and his interactions with old "friends"?

Jim: Greg Finley was a great actor choice for Girder. This version of his powers was well done and the tie-in to Iris and Barry's childhood was a nice touch. Was anyone else surprised that Cisco didn't give him his name?

Tanya: I enjoyed him, especially since his powers weren't something that Barry was able to easily defeat. The special effects on him were also nicely done. The childhood bully can sometimes be overdone, yet almost everyone can relate to it too. And I definitely enjoyed Barry's speech to him at the end.

Narsimha: I thought the actual back story was pretty boring and forced. I don't know why the show feels like it has to do a meta a week (even though I've been one to defend that formula, in some cases). You can do a meta a week, but if it's someone with any semblance of a back story like this, and you don't want it to seem cliched or lazy (like that 2 second flashback of young Barry being bullied while at school with Iris), take the time and make it worthwhile. To the show's credit, Girder's ability and the special effects were great once again.

Hank: Jim's right Greg Finley was a fantastic choice to play Girder, the dude's built like a brick shithouse. That said, all he wanted was for Iris to blog about him? Not very clever Tony, Blogger is free my man. I agree with Narsimha about that quick school flashback; reminded me of Peter Parker. I guess we had to check in with Barry's bullies at some point, so it was cool they made Tony a meta. Jim, Cisco did call him Girder while introducing Barry to his mechanical version.

Carissa: Hank, that is so true about Blogger; unfortunately Girder is not expected to be intelligent. He's the big lug sort to Barry and Iris who are intelligent and emotional. Cliche to the max, but at least Barry might have inspired him a bit at the end. Overall, he didn't do much for me.

Were you surprised the Reverse Flash made an appearance?

Jim: I was. Seems odd that he appeared once 14 years ago and then nothing until now when Joe reached out to Harrison for help.

Tanya: Yes, I wouldn't have expected to see him so soon, but given that Joe has now privately reopened Nora's murder investigation, it makes sense.

Narsimha: I don't even know what this means, but assuming that was Joe saw at the end?

Hank: Totally surprised! As Jim mentioned it was way too convenient the Reverse Flash pops up right after Joe reopens the murder case... Hmmm.

Carissa: Yes because I wasn't expecting it at all. Narsh, you have to be a Googler. There isn't one show on television that doesn't cause me to leap up and Google a bit. That's where I find all my comic knowledge, as well as historical inaccuracies on Reign (allowing me to enjoy it all the more) and all kinds of other possibilities and impossibilities from plots. I encourage everyone to learn while watching TV.

Do you have a theory on who Reverse Flash is?

Jim: At this point we know Harrison can really walk and he has information about the future, and is really the only regular character I could possibly suspect.

Tanya: Wells is probably the most obvious suspect based on just the show and what we have seen thus far, and I'm torn whether he is a red herring. Eddie is a good candidate too, and I like that we actually got to know him a bit better this episode. Even more, I like him, which will make much more interesting if he does become a villain.

Narsimha: Maybe I'm wrong, but for now I don't see Eddie as anything but a disposable side character. So I definitely don't think he's Reverse Flash. Wells seems to be obvious choice, especially considering the things we've already seen him do.

Hank: All signs point to Harrison Wells, especially after this episode. Aside from the name Thawne, there's not a thing about Eddie that screams villain. Perhaps he's a genuine good guy? Then again, this creative team is known for switching things up on Arrow. For now, my money's on Wells.

Carissa: I have to disagree with everyone who thinks it's Harrison. This is based solely off of the timing of his appearance. To flash in, steal the papers and knife a photo of Joe's daughter so shortly after Joe talked to Harrison about the possibility of him killing Nora clears him in my eyes. Harrison is far to smart to put his alter ego into Joe's line of sight like that. Eddie? Not so smart and using Iris' photo is a huge red flag. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Will Joe and Harrison wind up friends?

Jim: If they do, I hope Joe watches his back. We've seen what Harrison is capable of when it comes to Barry and his destiny.

Tanya: Tough call. If Harrison is truly looking out for Barry, then I could see them being cautious allies. But Joe seems to have a strong moral center, and I don't believe he won't stoop to murder to protect Barry as Harrison did with Stagg. And it makes wonder like crazy what Stagg would do in the future that was so awful that Harrison felt the need to murder him now.

Narsimha: I hope not. I like Joe and Harrison, but the former's actually a good man while the latter is a murderer. No matter his cause, Wells has ventured into some dark territories, and I hope Joe sees through his facade.

Hank: I'm not sure a friendship is what's going on there. More a case of keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Joe suspects Wells and reaching out to him was a great way to stir things up. Hey, even the Reverse Flash showed up to the party. With Iris threatened though, it's possible Joe will back off a bit. At least when it comes to sharing details with Wells.

Carissa: Cautious allies might be a good description of how I expect them to be, Tanya. My reasoning is they both want what's best for Barry and there aren't any other middle aged men on the show for suit the purposes of grabbing a beer now and then. We've seen what happens on Arrow without outside friendships, and I'm hoping The Flash doesn't fall into the same pit. They're major characters and need to support each other outside of their regular frame of reference and the joint concern for Barry allows for it.

Overall impressions of The Flash as we head toward the winter finale?

Jim: I'm really enjoying the show. As before the overall effects in this episode were well done and used just the right amount to help sell the story.

Tanya: This was one of the new shows I was most looking forward to watching this Fall, and I'm pleased that it has been so good overall. I'd like to start seeing fewer one and done meta humans. It does seem strange to me that the general public seems so unaware of the meta-humans given the social media crazed world we live in today. And I'm hoping they will soon resolve the greatest weakness, keeping Iris in the dark. Fingers crossed she will know sooner, rather than later, who the Flash really is. And what I hope does not happen is that Iris does not automatically fall in love with Barry after finding out who he is.

Narsimha: I like that it's able to keep my interest with the various villains thus far, but I hope they go the route of Arrow and flesh out a more overarching story soon (besides Iris and her insipid blog).

Hank: The Flash is easily my favorite new show of the season. I've said it before everything from the writing, to the cast, to the special effects are top notch. The series is moving at a flashy pace too, each episode is over before you know it. The upcoming Arrow/Flash crossover is going to blow my mind, as is meeting the Reverse Flash in The Flash Season 1 Episode 9, "The Man in the Yellow Suit." If I have one concern it's what becomes of our overarching story once the Reverse Flash is unmasked? Unfortunately, the weekly meta-human formula is already a bit stale.

Carissa: I'm enjoying it, even with the meta of the week format. While the world is built, we're going to have to suffer through that format just as we did in Arrow. I cannot think of an alternative to it. The supporting characters are far more fleshed out in short order than we experienced on the sister series, so there is so much to be thankful. And the sheer joy that still permeates Barry's world enough for him to share a positive message with his childhood bully is welcome in what could be a world of darkness. Hope and light. I like that.

NOTEThe Flash Season 1 Episode 8 will air on December 2 and mark the first part of a two-episode Arrow/Flash crossover. We can't wait!

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Harrison: What exactly are we debating?
Cisco: How many bugs Barry swallows in a day of running.
Harrison: I look forward to seeing you accept your Nobel.

Iris: What should I call you?
Barry: Anything but the red streak.