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Iris' blog about the red streak gets her in trouble while her boyfriend, Eddie, starts asking questions about the new criminals in town that Joe West doesn't want to answer.

Iris is writing in her blog about the extraordinary and miracles about doing the impossible. She says thank you.

Barry as The Flash pays her a visit right after she publishes the blog and swoops her to the roof to tell her to stop. She has no intention of doing so.

Eddie calls while they're chatting and she ignores the call. 

Barry wants to know what she would think if her blog was putting her in danger. She doesn't care.

A police chase in progress gets Barry's attention and he whisks off. It's Girder. He's defeated, but escapes.

Barry has 13 fractures, broken ribs and a bruised spleen. Barry has the feeling he knows the guy because he said Barry was born to take a beating.

Joe is watching video of Barry as a boy describe what he saw kill his mom when Barry walks in. They chat about Girder.

Joe wants Barry to talk about it with Eddie because he saw things he can't explain. Barry learns Girder is a guy he went to school with. Tony Woodward.

Iris comes to see Eddie and he later asks Barry what is going on with them. Barry stumbles out of the room.

Joe requests Harrison's help with the murder of Barry's mother.

Cisco, Caitlin and Barry trade their school nemesis stories. Barry wants to know, given they're all uber nerds, how he can stop a man made of steel. Cisco creates a robotic foe for Barry to fight.

Eddie wants Iris to be happy. He knows good friends are hard to find and he's concerned about Barry and Iris.

Flash to childhood. Joe tries teaching Barry to fight using Iris as his opponent. Joe's advice was that it's OK to run the other way.

Harrison gets more shady when he tells Joe it's highly unlikely someone like Barry existed before. Because we know about his time gizmo.

Barry makes a mistake when he runs to trap a guy who knows Tony. Eddie sees him and wonders why. He tells the story about Tony falling into molten steel. He thought his friend was dead.

The gal at the coffee shop asks Iris about Barry. She says he's kinda cute. Then Tony walks in. He wants to know why Iris is writing about the red streak, especially since he got beat and ran off like a little girl. Iris's attempt to ward him off with talk of cops doesn't work, but he does grab her phone and crush it, while his arm turns to metal.

Iris puts a message on her blog to the red streak which Caitlin sees. Barry races over. He admits to Iris that Tony is not like her.

Barry goes to Tony's place. Fighting ensues! Caitlin and Cisco run to save him. If Barry tries to hit him at just the right velocity, then he can defeat Tony. Or he can kill himself.

Eddie trains with Barry and Barry improves.

Joe and Harrison talk about the impossible. Harrison tries to steer the conversation back to it all coming back to the particle accelerator. Joe knows Harrison opened his lab one month after Nora was killed. He suspects either there was another particle accelerator or Harrison .... what?

Tony heads to Iris' house and takes her. Eddie and Barry rush to save the day, but not before Barry has to tell Joe.

Tony wants to be written about. He thinks the red streak has been killed. He's always had a crush on Iris. She tries using a flirtatious move to throw him off. It doesn't work. Barry arrives and knows he's beat. When he feels defeated he runs and Tony considers it a success. 

Instead, Barry went 5.3 miles away to get enough speed to hurt Tony. For some reason, Iris punches Tony, too.

Tony wakes up in the new metahuman prison. Barry reveals himself.

Joe looked up a bit about Harrison. He lost his wife and partner. Joe still wants his help, but makes amends.

Barry flashes over to Iris. She thinks it's the red streak. They make up and Barry listens to her excitement over other metahumans. He then steers her toward the flash as his name. 

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Harrison: What exactly are we debating?
Cisco: How many bugs Barry swallows in a day of running.
Harrison: I look forward to seeing you accept your Nobel.

Iris: What should I call you?
Barry: Anything but the red streak.