The Flash: Watch Season 1 Episode 7 Online

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 7, there are three metahumans running about and three criminals. Do you have any idea who they are, if we could Barry as a meta?

Tony Woodward has a chance to redeem himself. Will he take it? What could be so great that bringing out a threat to The Flash would be a great alternative? How about an even greater threat?

Is Barry's compassion going to get him into trouble, or is it his greatest asset? Who is the person to determine what makes Barry a great man and pending superhero? The answers may surprise you.

While Barry is busy juggling other metas and finds himself zapped of his powers, Joe and Iris find themselves in a bit of danger thanks to a meta themselves. It's an old friend to viewers of Arrow and he's still a pain in the behind.

Who will save the day? Will Iris come out of the day unharmed? Will her boyfriend Eddie come to her rescue or will she be saved by The Flash? Or, does Iris even need saving? Can a girl do a little damage on her own?

There are so many burning questions and many more will be answered when you take the time to watch The Flash online!

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