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Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco work to reverse the effects on Barry, but their efforts are disrupted when Farooq comes banging on S.T.A.R. Labs doors in search of Wells, who he blames for his accident.  Without Barry’s powers to protect them, the group must figure out a way to save themselves from the metahuman.

Farooq had one of the best seats in the house when the particle accelerator was turned on. It was also one of the worst as he saw what was coming from his lofty perch on an electrical tower.

Harrison heads into his special room. He talks to his wall, called Gideon. He's keeping a video diary on his "subject" Barry. He thinks his penchant for heroics is unfortunate, but doesn't think using speed for his every day life is all that bad. He is concerned he's a bit of a showoff, however.

Barry jokes with a guy who holds him up, whisking around with him, depantsing him and replacing Barry with a cop.

Harrison wants Barry to kick it up a notch, specifically increasing his speed, which will help him cure diseases and such. Through "Gideon" Harrison knows the future is still in tact so all is not lost as Barry keeps helping people.

Joe is preoccupied as he recalls the man who visited him recently.

A murder resulting in a crispy critter causes a power drain. The Flash comes in contact with Farooq, calling him Zappy. It's not so funny when Farooq zaps all of the energy from him due to his need to feed.

Harrison tells him to run, but Barry reports that his speed is gone. Not without a little side effect, though.

Iris isn't worried about the police not doing their jobs because The Flash will save them. Barry wonders what if he can't and Joe says to head out.

Barry meets The Clock King briefly in the elevator.

Harrison chats with Gideon. The future has been changed and there are no references to Barry Allen. He's changed the future.

Barry talks to Caitlin about how much he loves being The Flash. Farooq comes into the building just after they discover who he is demanding to speak with Harrison. Harrison is in the chamber and electricity all over the city starts to flutter.

The Clock King takes the opportunity to break free and start shooting at the precinct.

The Flash Team decides they need to jump start Barry. Barry wants to offer his help to Farooq. Since lost his friends when he was "infected" maybe he just needs a helping hand.

The Clock King starts making timed demands.

Barry talks to Farooq. Farooq recognizes Barry from the red suit. Barry tries to help Farooq, saying it's not his fault. Farooq knows. Wells did it to him.

Cisco doesn't want to leave Harrison, but Harrison says the most important thing in his entire life is The Flash. They have to jump start him.

The Clock King shoots Eddie.

As Caitlin is getting ready to charge Barry, Farooq enters the room.

Meanwhile, a walking Harrison is at Girder's cage. He's offering Tony his freedom for killing Farooq.

Tony goes after Farooq. Girder seems impervious to the power stealing properties of Farooq. Barry begs Caitlin to try to jump start him. She finally does, but it doesn't work.

At the precinct, The Clock King is quoting authors and poking his fingers into Eddie's wounds.

Barry wonders what Tony is doing as he gets tossed down the hall by Farooq. Tony tells Barry to run and dies.

Barry discovers Harrison used Tony as an unnecessary diversion. Barry doesn't like what's going on. He realizes Harrison doesn't care about people. Harrison respects his ideal, but doesn't share them.

The Flash Team tries to determine what comes next. Harrison thinks Barry's problem is mental. Cisco thinks that's pretty damn funny. Calls it the Yips.

Joe speaks to TCK and begs on behalf of Eddie and Iris getting a chance to say goodbye to allow her to do so. When she kisses Eddie, he whispers in her ear. She looks back at Joe and TCK runs off with her.

Team Flash tries to get a van to escape, but it won't start. Farooq is near. As Barry is on the floor, Harrison screams he's here. Farooq is surprised Harrison knows all of the names of very person killed the night the particle accelerator exploded. 

When Farooq throws Harrison to the ground, Barry gets his speed back. So fast, mind you, that he runs to the office to get his suit then back down to stop electricity. The suit repels electricity and takes down Farooq.

Barry runs off for Iris. She had Eddie's gun from his ankle holster. When he gets to the precinct, Iris and Joe are sitting happily on the steps.

Barry has kicked it up a notch, effectively choking Farooq on his powers. He's more powerful than ever, now.

Harrison and Barry talk about why they do what they do and come to an understanding.

Barry takes Eddie some flowers. Eddie is totally high and giggling. He sees Barry catch falling flowers, but Joe reminds him he's just high and he continues to giggle.

Barry flashes down to Iris getting coffee. She notes he's a lot like her best friend. Her mind starts grinding away, but when she gets back Eddie's room, Barry is there and she has an odd look on her face.

Harrison chats with Gideon and updates his log. He revises his initial thesis.

Barry is ready to push himself and is early to work with Harrison. He says Harrison is right. This is not just about him. They get to work.

Harrison heads down into the prison. Farooq's body is in a bag inside a cell. Harrison wants to know how he stole The Flash's powers, so he takes a sample.

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