The Flash Round Table: What Does Wells Want?

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Round Table, we're discussing the effectiveness of two villains, The Flash failing Iris and the mysterious Harrison Wells, among other things.

Join TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Jim Garner, Tanya Moat and Carissa Pavlica in the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments!

The Flash RT - depreciated -

Two bad guys in Power Outage, Farooq and The Clock King. Which ruled and why?

Hank: I'm going to go with Farooq (aka Blackout). Pretty powerful metahuman with the ability to zap Barry's powers. To be honest, I'm not sure why Clock King even made an appearance this week. Sure it was nice to see an Arrow villain cross over, but he was just as lame here as on Arrow.

Jim: I really enjoyed the Clock King, mainly because I've always enjoyed the work of Robert Knepper. It also was a nice nod to Arrow, as Clock King was arrested in "Time of Death" that aired earlier this year.

Tanya: Definitely Farooq. He was extremely powerful, given that he was able to absorb Barry's powers. He is was also a bit different than most of the other meta-humans Barry has faced because he wasn't a through-and-through bad guy. A lot of the destruction he left behind wasn't for personal gain, but more so out of a need to feed and his personal grief/guilt over causing his friends' deaths. I think The Clock King plays a role in the Arrow crossover so I just assumed his presence was more to set that up, but I could be wrong too.

Carissa: Farooq for sure. Not only was he able to readily put a cap on Barry's power, he was a good person in there. I really like the conflicted villains much more than those not. The Clock King is not a good use of Knepper's talents. I hope we don't see him again.

Can Harrison walk all the time?

Hank: He can walk all the time, the wheelchair is just his cover. The guy's up to no good, so it's advantageous people think he's fragile and broken.

Jim: Nope, I suspected he can always walk, the part that surprises me is that others haven't caught on as his legs would not have the tell-tell signs of degeneration that they would normally have. Then again, maybe I'm applying to much "real world".

Tanya: Nope, it's not just you, Carissa! It appears he can walk all the time. Like Jim, I'm surprised no one has noticed how strong (and normal) his legs look too. Under normal circumstances, his leg muscles should have atrophied by now.

Carissa: Would his leg muscles have atrophied in just a year? I'm more shocked he hasn't rushed to his feet at times, like when he was launched to the floor at the hands of Farooq. The guy has some big ones, right?

Harrison used Tony. His agenda is increasingly mysterious. Any new thoughts on it?

Hank: Again though it's way too obvious Wells is behaving like the Reverse-Flash. Anything to further his agenda of making Barry Allen the best version of The Flash possible. I just can't reconcile the fact Wells kills with being a good guy, or having Barry's best interest at heart.

Jim: His agenda seems to be the same, "help the flash become who he needs to be". Though I was surprised that the future showed a moment where The Flash didn't exist, given the later explanation that it was mental not physical, that was preventing him from moving fast.

Tanya: I loved that he used Tony because it surprised me. Wells still confuses me. He clearly needs Barry to stay alive and be able to do something for him, but what, I have no idea. He is certainly not a "good" guy but he isn't a traditional villain either, which makes him a lot more fun.

Carissa: I find him totally confounding and I love it. Every time I think I might have a handle on him, I'm even more stumped because of it.

Were you or Iris more surprised that The Flash wasn't there for her?

Hank: Probably Iris, haha... but I'm glad she proved strong and useful. We're finally seeing that Iris is no damsel in distress.

Jim: I think Iris was, as I knew why Barry slowed down (see what I did there) and not able to be there for her. Him promising her that he always would be seems a bit boastful given what just happened.

Tanya: I was so glad that Iris had to defend herself. The damsel in distress is my least favorite comic book trope so I'm glad she took care of herself without Flash, Joe or Eddie saving the day. I did roll my eyes a bit at the end when the Flash said he would never be late again – that was laying it on a bit thick.

Carissa: I was definitely more surprised than Iris, who had things well in hand. Thank goodness. She even handled Eddie's shooting pretty well. She needed to know The Flash isn't a savior, but just able to help when he can. I agree with Tanya; The Flash did lay it on a bit thick at the end. No need, dear. She's fine!

What story line is hitting the most marks for you?

Hank: That's easy, Harrison Wells and his connection to The Flash. Wells is by far the most interesting character on the show. Through him we've learned The Flash is missing in the future and that time travel will be dealt with on the show. I'm hoping his identity is more intricate than the big bad.

Jim: I'm really enjoying the story about Barry's mom. I'm just hoping we don't have to go 2 or 3 seasons before solving the mystery fully.

Tanya: For me, it's Harrison Wells and who he is and what he needs Barry for in the future (or in the past – there is no reason he can't be sending him back in time either) that intrigues me the most. He is definitely a mystery.

Carissa: Obviously I agree with the mysterious Harrison Wells. I didn't know going into Gotham the first season was all about The Penguin. As that is, I think The Flash Season 1 is more about Harrison than Barry Allen. I'm perfectly OK with that.

Take a look below at The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, "Flash vs. Arrow."

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