The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Do You Remember the First Time?

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Well, I called it! 

Yes, The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 included a scene where Jo mentioned that as a child her brother tried to gut her with a hunting knife. I mean, that's a pretty specific way to lose a spleen, no? 

Voila! Jo is Kai's sister.

Now it makes sense why she wouldn't be a practicing witch. If I had a brother who tried to kill me for my magic, and successfully killed the rest of our family, I'd probably want nothing to do with our coven either.

That also cleared up my assumption that she used some kind of power to save Alaric on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6. Jo actually is just a really good doctor. And dare I say it...she seems to have brought Alaric back to a happy place! 

I am not on painkillers. In fact I feel awful. But I'm enjoying every miserable human moment of the pain.


Damn, Ric really hated being a vampire. The only trait he really lost by regaining his human nature - I mean, besides the whole immortality thing obviously - was the ability to undo Elena's compulsion.

The thing is...we all know that Elena is very likely to end up with Damon. Regardless of half the fan base and the fact that in real life, Nina and Ian might be really awkward on set together, Delena is probably the course that TVD is going to take.

So why do we have to watch them drag out the reunion? I know everyone is sick of it, regardless of who you ship. To me, a self-proclaimed equal opportunity Salvatore brother fan, the only two memorable moments of Delena's courtship tonight were the following:

  1. Damon's memory of how the shooting star night in the rain really ended. "Promise me this is forever?" I mean, yeah, I still cry when I watch the rerun of Monica proposing to Chandler on Friendsso sentimental television does get to me. Whatever!
  2. Elena was so desperate to regain her memories that she CROSSED THE MYSTIC FALLS BORDER prompting a very near death experience. Bitch, you cray? That's a really hardcore thing to do for a relationship you're done with.

Thankfully, Damon had the wherewithal to pull her back. Dude might do some pretty messed up things a lot of the time, but one thing none of us can deny is that he loves that girl.

I died, you started over. I need you to live your life and be happy. I love you Elena. And I have to let you go.


The question now is: does he love her enough to let her go? I have a feeling that with the discovery of Bonnie's bear giving him a newly optimistic outlook, Damon is going to have his mind set on a good path for a few episodes: getting Bonnie back. And, no, he won't just be doing it for Elena; Damon truly does miss Bonnie. I, for one, love that friendship.

By the way, this episode was just another example of how Bonnie Bennett is the most selfless person in the group. She sent her magic back to the future to avoid letting Kai loose on the 21st century. Does she not realize she's now trapped in 1994 purgatory with a psychopathic killer? And nobody else?

Damon, you better talk to Jo, Liv and/or whoever else and figure out how to help that girl!

Okay, it's time to talk about the big Steroline scene. (Is it Steroline or Staroline, by the way?) That scene in the hallway after they rescued her mom really had my heart pumping. Was this it? Was Stefan going to have a big realization? Were they going to crush the hearts of shippers everywhere?

I, too, agreed with Stefan when he said he would like to know exactly how he missed it.

Look, Stefan is great; so is Caroline. They both deserve someone who loves them. If Stefan's not feeling it then Caroline deserves a guy who does. Can I still suggest Enzo? God, you gotta love that man and his blunt statements!

Enzo [about Caroline]: OH. That's brilliant. Of course that's why she hates you. That's why you worked her into such a state in Savannah. That's why she told you to take a leap! She hates you because she doesn't hate you at all.
Stefan: I'm sorry are you still talking?
Enzo: She's got a thing for you mate.

All in all, a decent episode, with minor developments but not enough. I liked seeing Alaric happy, I liked the Jo reveal, I liked Stefan and Caroline finally discussing the unsaid. But stop dragging the Delena business out. At this rate, the writers better be bringing it home with one hell of a moment.

This dedicated audience deserves to be entertained, am I right fans?

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Do You Remember the First Time? Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Liv: I killed someone so that you wouldn't trigger your werewolf curse and you think that being my bar back is enough to repay me?
Tyler: Honestly, I'd rather have to chain myself up on a cellar each month so I don't have to wear this lame ass tie.

Caroline: What took you so long to answer your phone?
Enzo: My fingers were covered in blood and my touchscreen wouldn't work.