The Flash: New Addition Nicholas Gonzalez has Family Ties

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Cisco's family on The Flash is about to expand.

Nicholas Gonzales joins the cast as Cisco's big brother, Dante.

From the looks of it, The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 is going to be a big one for Cisco, as it was announced earlier he might be on a collision course with Peyton List's Lisa Snart.

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Ruggedly handsome, Dante is the family favorite, but when his career as a concert pianist doesn't pan out, he finds himself envious of his successful little brother.

When faced with extreme circumstances (aren't they all on The Flash?), Dante discovers he can rely on Cisco to get the through it. 

Gonzales recently had a guest starring role on Jane the Virgin and was underused in Sleepy Hollow Season 1. 

It looks like the cast is really rounding out with these new announcements. Watch The Flash online to get caught up and meet us back here in January for more detailed discussions!

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