Shameless Season 5 Episode 3 Review: The Two Lisas

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Things were a little sad on Shameless Season 5 Episode 3. People like to lump this show into the dramedy category, but I've always considered it to be much more of a drama than comedy. And "The Two Lisas," while providing some earnest laughs, was heavy on the drama. 

Personally that's how I like my Shameless. Things are always elevated to another level when the characters get to go beyond the jokes and show different sides of themselves. 

We've seen Debbie be vulnerable before, but that scene with Fiona at the end was gut wrenching. Mandy's mid-coitus declaration of love to Lip and the tears that followed was equally devastating.

The Concert - Shameless

Yes, things were definitely a little sadder this week. Yet it's hard to talk about things without starting from the end and talking about the fact that Sheila's house is gone. It looks like Frank's milk of the gods brew has seen its final days, as the makeshift brewery blew up Sheila's house. 

If you saw that coming, kudos to you. I was so enthralled in the verbal smack-down Frank was dishing out to Sheila and Sami that I literally jumped a little when the house exploded behind him. 

I would have jumped in that RV, too, if I was Sheila. What does she have left in Chicago? She has no daughter, no grandson and an awful husband. I'd say it's time to hit the road. 

Frank continued to fight Sheila at every turn when she brought up the selling of the house and for awhile it seemed like she was going to stand firm. I was proud of her. 

Sheila: Frank, I want us to see the world.
Frank: I've seen it. It's a piece of shit.
Sheila: Alright, well maybe I'll just have to go by myself then. If that's what you really want.

But in the end, the dissolution of the house has sealed her decision, for now at least. She's going to come back though, right? 

Mandy had a major decision on her hands, as Kenyatta was moving to Indiana and expecting her to follow. Naturally, Ian was against this decision and he sought out the one person he knew could make her stay: Lip. 

We all know the ups and downs of Lip and Mandy's relationship, but I truly feel at the end of the day these two are made for one another. You don't have to always agree with her actions or choices, but one thing she has always been clear on is her love for Lip. It hasn't always been clear just what Mandy meant to Lip.

Lip: You are gorgeous, okay? You are sweet. You are funny. You're very smart. You know that, right?
Mandy: Shut up.
Lip: Hey, hey, I mean it, okay? You're a good person Mandy.

As I mentioned earlier, watching her proclaim her love for him and seeing the tears stroll down her face as Lip remained silent was heartbreaking. I don't necessarily fault Lip for not saying it back because he probably doesn't know what he feels. 

Amanda is a breath of fresh air for Lip and a pass out of the ghetto. Mandy is home, and home has a funny way of always having your heart. 

Here's hoping Mandy comes to her senses and comes back ASAP. Maybe Sheila can pick her up!

Now onto Debbie. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. 

If you weren't creeped out by the Debbie and Matty relationship of Shameless Season 4, then tonight you may have been pushed over the edge. 

To his credit, Matty didn't really do anything wrong. Well, minus the while going to a teenagers party and getting wasted thing. I've always felt like Matty tried to do right by Debbie and she just kept pushing it further and further. 

She pushed it very far tonight, when she slept with Matty while he was passed out drunk. 

Matty: Friends don't rape friends.
Debbie: I didn't mean to rape you. I'm sorry.

At first I thought Debbie really did take advantage of the situation, but no she really did think he wanted it. The realization that he didn't and her first time was pretty scarring is going to be a tough thing to get over. 

I did love Lip trying to make her feel better. Fiona stepped up and did the one thing Debbie needed her to do. She listened and gave her that hand squeeze that lets you know everything is going to be okay. 

The other happenings in the Gallagher world were a little less sad but still intriguing. 

Fiona continues to have her Fiona effect on men. She finally gave in to rocker Liam's blatant flirting and showed up to a Jazz concert he invited her to. But you know who else showed up to said concert? Liam's live-in girlfriend. 

Ugh. I felt bad for Fiona, until she was later kissing up on his friend, Gus. I mean, sure that song was swoon-worthy and that face is like wowza, but take a step back sister! Three episodes in and there's already been three romantic interests. Jimmy/Steve is still lurking around the corner. 

Carl and hickeys and sexual favors and his new job to terrorize the lesbians? No and no. If you're liking where this is going, please let me know. Maybe you can convince me to get on board!

Hands down this was my favorite episode thus far and I'm loving where things are starting to go. What did you guys think? Will Sheila and Mandy come back? What is happening with V and Kev? Where is Frank going to live now? 

Leave me a comment and let's talk about all things Shameless!

The Two Lisas Review

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Strongest beer known to man. It's also good for cleaning toilets and sinks or degreasing auto parts. Makes a nice anti-bacterial for minor wounds. You should get some for the bar.


Lip: You are gorgeous, okay? You are sweet. You are funny. You're very smart. You know that, right?
Mandy: Shut up.
Lip: Hey, hey, I mean it, okay? You're a good person Mandy.