The Flash Casts Spartacus Alum as Weather Wizard Part Deux

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Keeping up the Spartacus love spawned by Arrow (Manu Bennett, Katrina Law), The CW announced Liam McIntyre will has been cast as Mark Mardon AKA the Weather Wizard on The Flash Season 1.

While Cisco formerly nicknamed Clyde Mardon by the same moniker, it was actually his brother, Mark who was the Weather Wizard in the DC Universe.

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McIntyre will make his first appearance in The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, when Mark Mardon comes to Central City to avenge the death of his brother Clyde. Just like his deceased bro, he can control the weather and uses his powers to find Joe. His role will carry over into The Flash Season 1 Episode 16. 

In other news, all of you Chad Rook (Clyde Mardon) fans might have chance to celebrate, as well. Rook took to Twitter today telling fans because of the McIntyre casting news he'll be sharing an exclusive secret with those attending an upcoming Comic Con.

Sure enough, in IMDB he's being credited for another two episodes as Clyde in 2015. If we're on the money, we're betting flashbacks courtesy of Mark as he remembers his brother. 

What are your thoughts on this latest news? Keep up the excitement and watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic for another look.

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