The Flash Season 1 Return Promo: So Many Villains!

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Alright, The Flash Season 1 may be on a bit of a holiday hiatus, but they have big things planned for us when the show returns!

In the following promo, the villains to come are teased with all of the humorous notes from Cisco as he names them: Heat Wave looks fab, the Pied Piper is on the way and there's more from Captain Cold. 

A big surprise is the addition of Britne Oldford, who is featured prominently in the clip. What?! Where did she come from? Who is she playing and how did this casting notice slip by? Several unofficial comments present her as various Rogue characters, including Lashawn Baez aka Peek-A-Boo. She looks a little laid back to be too villainous, right? We're on a hunt for more information because we're very excited by her presence!

The Flash Season 1 Episode 10, titled "Revenge of the Rogues" airs on January 20. We'll be here from now until then reporting all the news and with a full review shortly after it airs. 

If you haven't caught up yet, watch The Flash online and get in on the party!

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