The Flash: Watch Season 1 Episode 10 Online

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Hey you guys! Before they even get there, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are going through with a plan to break out of prison.

Say what?! Oh, you know Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, former Prison Break brothers, make their debut together as Captain Cold and Heat Wave The Flash Season 1 Episode 10, right?

Heat wants money, money, money, but Cold drives a hard bargain and soon the Scarlett Speedster is in both of their sites. What will they do to drag The Flash out into the open and will he really go for it?

Does Barry Allen let anything stand in his way when someone he loves is in trouble? But who is the unlucky victim this time?

Find out all about it when you watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic and get a great dose of good old fashioned comic book villainy along the way!

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The Flash Quotes

One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.


Barry: I love you, Iris.
Iris: Oh. I love you, too.
Barry: When we were kids I loved you before I even know what the word love meant and then my mom died and I had to go live with the girl I had a crush on. Look. There were so many times I wanted to tell you; Jr. Prom, when I went away to college, when I came back from college, nights that we stayed up talking, all the birthdays, all the Christmases, but I, I never did. I kept it in. After I lost my mom and my dad, I was afraid that if you didn't feel the same way, I would lose you, too. That's the irony. I was so scared of losing you that I did. I know I've had our whole lives to tell you this and you're with Eddie now and I know that and I know my timing couldn't be any worse, but I just... I couldn't lie to you anymore. I'm sorry.