The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Little Yellow House

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Lisbon went back home to the people who loved her…or hated her, depending upon your point of view, in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7.

Things Get Personal - The Mentalist

There was definitely one person who loved her and that was Patrick Jane. When Lisbon's brother Jimmy ended up with a warrant out for his arrest, Lisbon slipped into protective big sister-mode and ran to his rescue with Jane by her side.

Patrick Jane: You know I could come with you if you wanted me to.
Teresa Lisbon: That wouldn't be any fun for you.
Patrick Jane: Fun's overrated.

Thanks to Abbott's sense of empathy as a big brother to five siblings and his simply being a good guy, he cleared the way for Lisbon to head back to her parents old house in Chicago to find Jimmy. 

One of the best moments was when Patrick asked Lisbon about coming with her in this The Mentalist quote

Patrick Jane: Do you want me to?
Teresa Lisbon: I would very much like it if you came.

It was a direct question and an honest answer. These two are growing by leaps and bounds and the best part is that they're doing it together. 

But in the middle of a murder investigation, Teresa was faced by her angry brothers. They really seem to resent her. Is it because she played the role of parent for so many years? Or as Jane points out…

They're not mad at you. They just miss you.

Patrick Jane

Unfortunately, her brothers seem to be mad when Lisbon's acts like the responsible parent, but they continually act like children in trouble. Is that because they subconsciously think she'll come back only if they need her to bail them out or is it because that's the only way they know how to get her attention?

There were so many wonderful moments on the way to finding the murderer. Like Jane's obvious concern for Lisbon throughout this investigation. Or the way Jane observed everything from Delphino's tattoo and scar to his Aqua Velva and how he figured out that he was "fishing with the wrong bait" to reel in George Holiday and decided to dangle Teresa in a short skirt in front of the man instead. 

Wiley and Vega posing as a couple was both hilarious and so very cute. I didn't know Vega had that kind of performance in her. And do you think he's really studying Spanish because of her?

The best thing about the poker game was that we got to see psychic Lisbon once again. I think she's really enjoying this new role. 

Turned out poor Nathan, the murder victim was killed due to nothing more than unfounded jealousy, paranoia and greed. I say greed because what seemed to push Charlie over the edge wasn't just that he thought Nathan was sleeping with his fiancee, but that he'd also taken his money in that poker game. 

I was thrilled to see Jane and Lisbon together with Teresa's family at the end. The Lisbons will probably always be messy but it was nice to see them acting like family without anyone in serious trouble for a moment. It was also amazing to see Patrick playing with all the kids. His beaming smile made me wonder if he wouldn't mind starting a family of his own again one day with Teresa.

Speaking of whom, somehow I'd never noticed that Teresa had never told Patrick she loved him after he'd told a plane full of people that he loved her. Perhaps it's because her actions and words show her love so clearly that the actual words weren't necessary but they sure were nice to hear…

Teresa Lisbon: Would you be surprised if I said I loved you?
Patrick Jane: I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd be moved by that.
Teresa Lisbon: I love you. I said it.
Patrick Jane: I'm surprised.

I wasn't surprised, just delighted by every single episode of this final season of The Mentalist.

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Little Yellow House Review

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Patrick Jane: You know I could come with you if you wanted me to.
Teresa Lisbon: That wouldn't be any fun for you.
Patrick Jane: Fun's overrated.

Cho: S'mores are better in a microwave. It's true.
Jane: Well, I don't even know what to say to that.