Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Three Bells

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Chicago Fire kicked off crossover they're sharing with Chicago PD with a real tearjerker.

On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 13 Severide continued to try and get answers about the arsonist who set the fire that killed Shay.

Let's start with Adrian Gish. That's the name of the sick person who appears to have caused Shay's death, but it also appears that he could be the one that caused the death of Mill's father. Played effortlessly by Robert Knepper, Adrian quickly appeared on the scene after the captain and Severide waited outside his work place.

He knew they were coming. The captain knows that this guy is the arsonist. It's a bit annoying that the people above the captain's pay grade think the case is a lost cause. Why should he get away with killing so many people?

Severide: What's your name.
Adrian: You already know that.

He shouldn't. That's why Dawson called in her brother at the conclusion of the hour. He would do anything for his sister, so she knew that was the best course of action and took it. No one can continue with their life knowing the killer is still out there.

I'll be honest. Based on the promos this looked like an action packed first part of the crossover. It wasn't. It was a heartbreaking affair that left us all hoping that Adrian got his comeuppance. The memorial scene to Shay was the saddest part. Dawson's speech to her fallen best friend was both powerful and emotional.

I didn't know what to make of Megan at first. It looked like she was only present to cause trouble. That wasn't the case. She got to see how her sister put her life in danger every day to save civilians. She also got to see that it caught up with her and her luck ran out. Shay was always a fighter and it appears her sister is, too. Brett taking her under her wing and making sure that she had a place to stay was nice. It must be awkward for Brett. She never knew Shay and pretty much every conversation leads to her. Firehouse 51 has to move on, but that won't be possible until justice has been served.

A lot's changed at 51 since losing Shay. We've welcomed in some new friends. Got a new rig and a dream of mine came true, but here's what hasn't changed, this house. This family. It's all as strong as it ever was. Even stronger because I think deep down in the quiet moments we think to our self Shay would want us to be better. She'd want us to represent her everytime we go out. You had an amazing sister Megan and I am so lucky to have been her friend.


Mills took it really bad that Adrian could have been the culprit in the death of his father. It really was a big development. We never saw it coming. After Mills recently lashed out at a house he was called out to, it makes us wonder whether he is capable of taking revenge on Adrian.

Elsewhere, we got some civil Dawsey. It looked like they were going to rekindle their love, but it wasn't to be and the two lovebirds made the decision to focus on work and then hopefully revisit their romance down the line. This was a smart move considering the effect being together would have on them as colleagues. I don't think anyone would ever rule out them reuniting. It's one of those things we all know will occur before the season finale.

Damn baby, don't scare me like that.


Otis brought his grandmother to stay! Yes, they are sharing bunk beds. Cruz didn't appear pleased that she would be sharing the house. It must be difficult for him not being able to speak to her because of the language barrier. She brought some much needed comedy to a somber hour. The whole scene with Brett making out with Cruz, before realizing the elderly woman was sitting in a corner knitting while staring at them, was crazy. I don't understand why they didn't just take their tryst into the bedroom.

"Three Bells" was a solid opener to the crossover event that will continue tomorrow night on Chicago PD. Will the team manage to take down Adrian? Tune in tomorrow night to find out.

Other bits from the episode:

  • Otis claiming that he texted Cruz was obviously a lie. Any normal person would have spoken to their roommate about such a big change of circumstances.
  • Papa Boden is understandably not coping very well. He wants to end his life on his own terms. He doesn't want medication ruling his final few months. I think we can expect conflict with his son when he inevitably decides to stop taking the medication all together.
  • Herrmann's scene with Megan on Shay's bed was another sad one. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was bawling my eyes out.

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What did you think of the episode? What was the saddest moment? How do you feel about Dawsey? What will happen at the conclusion of the crossover event? Hit the comments below.

Three Bells Review

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Damn baby, don't scare me like that.


Severide: Well, get on with it.
Hadley: You never did have any patience.
Severide: You're out of your mind.