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Dawson and Severide hand over the evidence to the captain who says she'll be in touch.

Shay's sister, Megan appears on the scene and wants to find out what happened to her sister. She has nowhere to stay after her assistant doesn't book her hotel. Brett and Dawson insists she stays with them. The girls have a chat about Shay and Megan opens up about the first time she caught Shay with a woman.

Hadley receives a letter in prison with a newspaper clipping of Shay. The return address is the one that Mills' dad died at many years ago.

The Captain takes Severide to the owner of the storage space. They show him pictures of suspects and he stops on a picture of a man named Adrian Gish who rents one of them. They go to his work place and he comes out and taunts them about Shay.

Firehouse 51 has a memorial for Shay and they name a new ambulance in her honor.

Otis moves his grandmother in with he and Cruz. Cruz isn't best pleased and she doesn't speak English.

The captain tells firehouse 51 that they won't be pursuing Adrian. Dawson calls in a favor with her brother to help them get Adrian sent down.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Damn baby, don't scare me like that.


Severide: Well, get on with it.
Hadley: You never did have any patience.
Severide: You're out of your mind.