The Flash Round Table: Peek-A-Boo at Gorilla Grodd

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It's time for The Flash Season 1 Episode 12 Round Table, Speedsters, a we're chatting about drunk Caitlin, Cisco's brain fart, Barry and his Dad's powerful scenes and, of course, the first and very impressive appearance of Gorilla Grodd.

Don't be left out: hit the comments and be a part of the discussion with TV Fanatics Narsimha Chintaluri, Tanya Moat, Jim Garner, Hank Otero and special guest Andy Behbakht (of @TheFlashPodcast)...

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What was your overall impression of Crazy for You?

Narsimha: I thought it was a pretty great episode, and LOVED that sneak peak at the end. I don't know what villain that's supposed to be (not too big on the lore) but it looked so intense!

Tanya: Overall, it was good, mostly due to Henry and a couple nice beats, like Caitlin getting drunk. It did seem like more of a standalone episode since Peek-A-Boo and her boyfriend weren't anything exceptional. I understand they need to balance the procedural and serial elements to show. However, I would have loved a hint on the progress of Joe's investigation into Wells. The glimpse of Grodd did make me very excited.

Jim: I really enjoyed it. Seeing Caitlin cut loose and then Barry use his super speed for small things like getting her into her PJs and preventing her from puking in the bar had me rolling. But the top of the cake was Caitlin naming Peek-a-boo! Narsimha, you are not wrong, he is intense. Because that was Grodd, the super intelligent ape that was Flash's primary nemesis in the Silver Age comics.

Andy: I was pretty satisfied with this episode as this was, if you think about it, The Flash's 1st big relationship episode with dynamics such as Barry and Caitlin, Barry and Linda and more being explored. It's fine to have episodes like that every once in a while as long as the relationships (mostly the love ones) become the #1 focus of the show. I had a blast seeing Caitlin finally getting to loosen up a bit and I will never get the hilarious image of Barry super-changing Caitlin out of her dress into her PJs, out of my head. The biggest moment of the episode though was without doubt, Gorilla freaking Grodd! As the big Flash fan that I am, they are nailing this introduction of one of Flash's biggest enemies.

Hank: It wasn't one of my favorite Flash episodes to be honest, but as everyone mentioned there were some great moments. Drunk Caitlin, karaoke, the Henry/Barry talk and of course Grodd! I thought Peek-a-boo was weak and the teleporting effect made me sad all over again that The Tomorrow People was canceled; that one still hurts. Speaking of TTP, I'm excited for Robbie Amell's return next week as Firestorm. They writers have taken their time with this arc and I'm lovin' it.

Thoughts on Cisco letting Hartley out of his cell and the information revealed as a result.

Narsimha: The information was crucial and I understand why Cisco did what he did. I just wish someone as smart as Cisco was a bit smarter. There was really no need to ever take off the handcuffs.

Tanya: Like Narsimha, I understand why Cisco would agree to do it, and he did get some valuable information. I was also proud of him for finally telling Caitlin what happened that night and her response. But Hartley's escape, so expected that it was boring. At least with Captain Cold and Heat Wave, there is a bit humor in their escape, given their Prison Break roles, and the tease of their sister. Hartley, to me, is more fun behind bars saying snarky things that occasionally have merit and make Barry, Caitlin and Cisco think and Wells sweat.

Jim: I knew they would have to let him out in order to carry the Firestorm story forward, but I agree with Tanya, he was way more fun locked up.

Andy: I agree with what most of you said that 1) Piper was a lot more fun BEHIND the bars and 2) that it was so not-Cisco to do that, but I think he knew what he was going in for because he badly wanted that information about Ronnie as well Martin Stein's involvement with all of this. The thing that did make me geek out though was when Piper was trying to get away and the two of them fought each other. They gave us the idea that Cisco can fight to a certain degree and as the big Vibe fan that I have become since last year, it's good to know that physically, it wouldn't be that crazy for this version of Cisco to become that superhero one day.

Hank: I hate when they dumb down smart characters like Cisco. I mean, I get why they did it doesn't mean I have to like it. I agree that Pied Piper was tons of fun locked up, but he had to escape as some point to join the Rogues right? You know that's where they're going for the finale.

How much did you enjoy the return of Henry Allen and did it surprise you at all he put his son and The Flash together?

Narsimha: I think Henry and Barry have a great relationship, despite the hurdles they've had to face. And it always gets to me when they start getting all emotional. I'm not surprised at all that Henry put two and two together -- he's clearly not as slow as Iris.

Tanya: Loved it!  The moment at the jail where they two could actually touch one another - such a powerful scene. It didn't surprise me that Henry figured it out, but on the flip side, it makes Iris look worse. One thing I have consistently noticed is how much this show benefits from some of its more seasoned actors, like Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh and John Wesley Shipp.

Jim: I think my wife must have started cutting onions at the moment Henry and Barry got to touch because my eyes were so full of tears. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm a big softy. I loved that Henry put it together but respected Barry not wanting to verbalize it.

Andy: I have to complain just a little bit because every time Henry Allen has been on screen since the pilot, John Wesley Shipp has broken my heart for each episode and made me cry my eyes out because Henry is such a wonderful father and the speeches they write for him are just outstanding. Anyway, it didn't surprise me at all that he put two and two together, especially because of the timing of when Flash first showed up in Central City which was just a day or two after Barry woke up from his coma.

Hank: The scenes between John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin have made my eyes water every single time. Having lost my father a few years back, those moments never fail to hit me hard; I miss that connection. I'm thrilled Henry Allen figured out Barry's secret, I think ultimately that can only make the two characters even closer.

Did you expect the full size photo of Barry as The Flash on the front of CCPN to spark a little more conversation than it did? How is Iris missing the clues?

Narsimha: I don't know man, just Barry's jawline and smile enough should be enough for her to figure it out. But then again, Hank never knew about Walt - until it was too late (although, to be fair to Hank, Iris has A LOT more clues staring her in the face). Also -- how the hell did she snap such a good picture of the Flash running away on her freakin' phone? I almost threw my remote at the TV when that happened.

Tanya: Given that Barry is the fastest (or second fastest) man alive, I assume he moved slow enough so Iris could take the picture. A sweet sentiment, but one I imagine will eventually get him into trouble. Iris not being able to follow the breadcrumbs is starting to border on the ridiculous, especially now with the picture. It was a bit blurry but not that bad either. I hope the showrunners clue Iris in very soon because it makes this wanna-be great investigative reporter seem even dumber.

Jim: Tanya's thoughts have me curious. Did Barry slow down to let her get the picture? If not, what phone does she have, because that is the best high speed camera I've ever seen! I suspect we will hear more about it next week.

Andy: Whatever phone Iris is using, I want it because damn, what kind of camera can take a photo of someone/something that moves THAT fast? There is the possibility that Barry may have slowed down on purpose because he so badly wants to tell that he is The Flash, but I'm not sure how to take that final scene between them when they were talking about her article and that photo. It's a little fishy if you ask me, but I bet that there is big surprise with all of this and hopefully, Barry did do it on purpose because that would make the superhero/love interest dynamic a little bit unique.

Hank: My first thought was, seriously with an iPhone? I agree with Tanya though, Barry must have slowed down a bit if not the writers are pushing it big time. I think the real conversation about the article/photo will come either in next week's episode or the following. There's too much potential there to just throw away, it will resurface at some point. As far as Iris, the writers have proven she's too clueless to be a reporter.

Do more emotional episodes work for you or do you prefer episodes featuring more action, such as The Flash Season 1 Episode 10?

Narsimha: I always prefer a nice balance of the two, they aren't mutually exclusive. Tonight's episode provided just that, to be honest. It was a fun hour.

Tanya: I prefer a good blend, which The Flash does very well. There may not have been any real epic battles in this episode, but those heart-felt moments with Henry and Barry worked for me.

Jim: As Tanya and Narsimha said, it really works best when there is a good blend of both. Balancing the two together can vault and episode higher than either alone.

Andy: As the fellow round table participants said, it's always a good idea when you can blend those two aspects and make it work as one episode. However, I can't blame them for sometimes doing a very action packed episode and then a separate episode that is about emotions and relationships. I think that they have been able to blend it together in several of their episodes so far, yeah there have definitely been times when those two elements have been separated which I don't mind either.

Hank: I'm with the rest of the panelists, you've got to have a nice blend. So far, I think The Flash writers are doing a brilliant job blending the action with the more emotional stuff. This cast really does a fine job of selling the quieter moments. Grant Gustin in particular is just wonderful to watch. I can't believe before this series started I had doubts about the guy. The kid can act, and you can only say that about a handful of actors on The CW.

Firestorm is back! Here's a look at The Flash Season 1 Episode 13, which will air on February 10:

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Iris: What's that smile about?
Barry: I saw my dad today. No glass, no phones, just me and him, face to face. Joe arranged it.
Iris: That must have been amazing, Barry!
Barry: Yeah. I really needed it.

Look, I'm not an expert at love, but I think in order to move on from Ronnie, you actually have to move on.