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There is a car accident and Barry is Flashing his way over there. He saves one person and is inside the car rescuing the second passenger as an electrical wire lights it up. Barry saves the woman, of course. The man says Thank you, Flash. 

Cisco has a hard time being upset at the dirty suit, given the circumstances. It was the fastest Barry has ever run. 

Caitlin is upset Cisco is looking for Ronnie, but he thinks she has to move on if she actually wants to move on.

Shawna the teleportation gal breaks Clay Parker out of Iron Heights. Her meta skill is freakin awesome. Barry gets to see Henry at the prison. Joe made sure he swung by.

Barry tells Iris how much it meant to him to see his dad face to face without the glass just before she tells him she might get fired if she doesn't get a story. She's only The Flash PR flack. 

Cisco makes some special handcuffs for Hartley in anticipation of letting him out.

Joe and Barry visit Henry to see what he learned about Clay Parker. Barry's worried he could get in trouble playing cop and wants him to be careful.

Cisco has Hartley outside. Cisco is wary, and he should be. Hartley takes Cisco to the bomb shadow of Martin Stein outside. When Cisco can't see the connection, Hartley gets annoyed and thinks he can scuffle with Cisco. But Cisco created a device to mess with Hartley's cochlear devices. He hurts him very much.

Barry and Caitlin talk about not having lives. Shawa and Clay are polling off a heist and she gives Barry a run for his money. He even has to pluck a bullet out of his neck before it punctures his spine. WTF?

Barry calls Caitlin about going to the dive Bars Shawna and Clay used to go to and she decides to join them. Barry is watching a Rain Wilson look alike singing Workin for the Weekend at a karaoke bar when Caitlin walks in looking so bangin that his mouth hangs open. She has one drink and starts a tab.

Hartley discusses exactly what Martin was working on. Gene transmutation. Taking two things and making them one. The entire thing was caught on tape. Ronnie's not himself because he's not. He's Martin Stein. Hartley digs the cochlear things out of his ears and knocks Cisco over.

At the bar a drunk Caitlin calls Barry up to the stage. They sing summer lovin from Grease. Of course we all know Barry can sing.

When Barry closes out his tab, he meets Linda Park. She compliments his singing and asks if Caitlin is his girlfriend. She uses a new app tap his phone and automatically download her contact info to his phone. What he does with it now it up to him. Meanwhile, Caitlin needs to puke.

As Shawna and Clay try to pay off their debts, Joe and friends break in guns a blazin. Clay is shot and Shawna teleports them away.

When they get back to Caitlin's place, she starts stripping down and Barry gets a little embarrassed. She even wants his help getting undressed. He speeds things up and gets her dressed in her PJs. 

At work the next day, Harrison is unhappy. Cisco has to tell them about Hartley. Caitlin didn't want her to do that for him. He says he didn't do it for her. He's the one who sealed him into the room and he blames himself for what happened to Ronnie. Caitlin isn't upset and cannot believe he carried it around with him all that time.

Shawna can only teleport when she can see, so they need only remover her ability to see.

Barry gets a call. His dad has been stabbed. Barry doesn't think Henry getting stabbed and beaten is very helpful, but when Henry stuttered that he doesn't get to be helpful very often, so when he gets the chance he's going to talk it. Oh my. The feels.

Barry propels one of guys outside the prison walls to get him to talk and then leaves him out there. For some reason he's dressed like he should be in an old 80s metal video... 

Barry visited Iris as The Flash and got a photo of him, sans a blurred face. How will that really work?

Barry is visiting Henry in the prison hospital. He tells him about Linda Park and Henry shows him the paper with his face on it. He leaps into one of his typical feel good speeches to his son. He knows he's The Flash.

Two workmen are in the sewers. Grodd is written all over the walls. They're soon pulled away with a growl.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Iris: What's that smile about?
Barry: I saw my dad today. No glass, no phones, just me and him, face to face. Joe arranged it.
Iris: That must have been amazing, Barry!
Barry: Yeah. I really needed it.

Look, I'm not an expert at love, but I think in order to move on from Ronnie, you actually have to move on.