Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 22 Review: To Plea or Not to Plea

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Forgive me for the pun, but I have to say that orange most certainly is the new black in Rosewood.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 22, Alison found herself getting a new prison buddy as Hanna was locked up right along with her.

Now, I'm sure we can all say this was predictable, but I'm sure it'll pave the way for these two to iron out some issues and attempt to solve the A mystery from the inside. Based on what we've seen from inside the prison, A most certainly has henchmen in the there. At this rate, it looks like A's army is bigger than the population in the USA alone.

We knew that all of the girls' phones would miraculously delete all texts from A, right? Are we really to believe that none of them would think to screenshot any of the messages, or save backups? Heck, they are all going to end up in jail without a leg to stand on. Also, Caleb is meant to be this big hacker and even he has no idea how to retrieve the deleted information? Um, that won't wash.

They need to wise up and get proof. The police are never going to believe Ezra, Caleb or Toby that the girls are innocent in all of this. The evidence is stacking up by the hour and we are nowhere nearer to finding out who the person is putting these teenagers through terror.

Just to theorize, A has got to be associated with the law. I don't think it's Toby because we crossed that bridge in Pretty Little Liars Season 3, so that leaves Tanner or Holbrook. Back in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 17, A went back to the scene of the dreaded freezer incident and took fingerprints. That's not the mind of an everyday individual. It's the mind of a psychotic individual. I wouldn't be surprised if Garrett popped back up and was the big A.

Too much has happened now and this has to end. There's only so many lies one person can tell before they get caught up in it. Alison's been caught in many, but Hanna looks like she is in hot water with everyone at this point.

Although I wasn't at all shocked by her arrest, I was shocked it was due to her blood being on Mona's clothes. I was so sure Alison accepted the plea deal and identified her as her accomplice. We wouldn't expect anything less from good old Alison Dilaurentis, would we?

Ezria realized that their relationship had an expiration date. It sucks to see them admitting it. They have come a long way from hiding their relationship from everyone, but the novelty has clearly worn off. I don't see these two characters as endgame anymore. Aria will move on fast if she makes it to college.

That's not her fault. She has a lot of growing up to do and that will happen without Ezra. I don't think we all want to be bored with him being jealous of her at college, wondering whether she is going out with other guys. All if this makes Ezra's storyline redundant, unless of course he emerges as one of the bad guys.

Emily: Yeah, but what about Ezra?
Aria: I can't think about that right now. I don't even know what's going on with us.

Elsewhere, across the pond, Spencer continued to pursue Colin. She sure needed a break from Rosewood. Who can blame her? Her phone wasn't buzzing every few minutes with a threat from A. Her sister, Melissa, continues to lie about everything. That scene with them promising not to lie about anything ever again was just nonsense.

Colin: So take it Melissa convinced you to stay?
Spencer: Yeah, well she can be very persuasive.

Poor Spencer thought Melissa actually had a heart. For all we know the A team is part of the government and it's gone global and Melissa is head of operations in London. Yes, with all the red herrings, anything is possible.

"To Plea or Not to Plea" wasn't the best episode by a long mile. The bulk of it was made up by filler and I can't help but wonder where the show goes after the big A reveal. Will we be launched into a new mystery for Pretty Little Liars Season 6, or will someone called B start terrorizing the girls? We need freaking answers and the season finale will make or break the show for a lot of fans.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • It was nice of Veronica to go let Ashley know that she thinks Hanna is the one getting arrested. When we saw her finding out about the Hanna's blood, I felt bad for her. Does she really think her daughter had the guts (HA!) to kill Mona?
  • Emily's scenes were quite good, but she could have been a bit quieter when she was looking in the window. At least we know now that Varjak orders pizza under the name Varjak.
  • Did anyone else laugh out loud about Ezra speaking about the new chef's cooking?

Well, it's now over to you. Chat with me in the comments and if you're looking for some clues, or even red herrings, remember you can watch Pretty Little Liars online right here on TV Fanatic.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think the A storyline needs to end, or do you want it to continue? Will any of the other liars be put in jail? Hit the comments below.

Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 23 airs Tuesday Tuesday 9 March at 8/7c on ABC Family.

To Plea or Not to Plea Review

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