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Alison is getting told she needs to make someone in the jury unsure.

Ashley is trying to get information from Hanna to make sure she gets off.

The liars are trying to figure out who Varjak is. Veronica tries to make the girls promise to stay away from the court.

Spencer goes to see Jason and tries to speak to him, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Emily receives a phone call from Ali in the prison. Emily tries to reassure her.

Ali looks nervous in the court room. Jason is sitting with her father. Aria and Emily show up.

The lawyer against Ali is saying Ali's kidnap story is a joke and the liars helped her.  He says Mona knew and that is Ali's motive for killing her.

Spencer concludes that the cops must have found out from Cyrus about Ali's story.

Veronica tells Spencer that the other liars went to court. Spencer is being very off with her because she was lied to.

Caleb visits Hanna and promises he will get her out of jail. Hanna says he won't get her out and she wants him to leave and be safe.

Aria's phone is ringing and the group realize it's a Varjak number. Caleb answers and music is playing on the other end of the line.

They try decode the message on the phone. Caleb apologizes for trying to grab the phone. Caleb confides in Spencer that he should have taken Spencer away from Rosewood.

Jason shows up at Spencer's house ready to apologize. Spencer says it's ok. They argue about her being in the wrong when she told him Ali was a killer.

Jason tells her the witness list is being shuffled and he is testifying against Alison.

Spencer informs Veronica that she will be going to court.

The murder video is shown to the court. Jason is on the stand being questioned by the prosecutor. He is questioned about why he has decided to tell the truth. He is back tracking a lot.  Jason is told to point Ashley out to the jury. Jason essentially reveals he and Ashley were sleeping with each other.

The prosecutor is trying to imply Ashley slept with him to change his story.

Spencer tries to check if he Jason is okay, but he cuts her off.

Spencer tells the girls to get ready, because they're going to Mona's house!

Ashley and Ted are speaking about what happened in the court room. Ashley pushes him away and tries to get him to leave.

At Mona's house the liars can't get in. They get ready to leave, but hear the music from the phone from a window. The liars force their way in and run up to Mona's room.

It's a record player with a note from A. Aria realizes they could have been tricked. The liars find something under her mirror. Andrew is seen looking at the house from the distance.

The liars leave as a window is smashed with a screwdriver embedded into the flooring.

At the rear window brew, Andrew apologizes to Aria for the way he acted about Mona.

Hanna is apologizing to Ashley, but Ashley says she is the one who should be sorry. Hanna tries to reassure her.

Jason is seen with Alison speaking about lying. He tells her he knows she never killed anyone. Ali tells him to leave so he doesn't get hurt.

Spencer is reading, while Veronica returns home and looks her up and down.


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