Quotes of the Week: Rachel's Bright, Jimmy's Cocked and More!

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What witty words did we hear this week?

Angela hopes the impossible is possible if it means Sweets is a spirit on Bones, Dean wonders how long it's been since his last confession on Supernatural, Diane and Kurt are mounting heads on The Good Wife and Tony is inappropriately using the term "honey" on NCIS.

That's not all! Oh no, no, no! You'll also find quips from iZombie, Bates Motel, Scorpion and Once Upon a Time among many others.

Flip through the slideshow and share with your friends the awesomeness that are the quotes of the week!

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Eric: Why are you here then?
Harper: Well, it's not a very political answer, but I think mediocrity is too well hidden by parents who hire private tutors. I am here on my own.