The Flash Post-Mortem: Cisco's Fate, Barry's Kiss and What Comes Next

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WARNING: Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched The Flash Season 1 Episode 15. Major spoilers ahead.

Back to the future, anyone?

While we’ve heard talk of Barry eventually going so fast that he could cross time lines, we saw last night that The Flash does indeed have the ability to go back in time, which may prove to be a good and bad thing.

So, if Barry gets to have a Groundhog Day moment for most of what we saw on this ground-breaking installment, does that mean Cisco doesn’t die? Barry and Iris don’t kiss (or she finds out he’s The Flash)? Can the Weather Wizard be stopped before he wreaks havoc on Central City?

Thankfully, I was part of a press group that was able to ask executive producer Andrew Kriesberg and actors Tom Cavanagh (Wells) and Candice Patton (Iris) all the important questions that will take us to The Flash Season 1 Episode 16...

Dreams Come True…Maybe! Barry and Iris really kissed. Check! Harrison Wells was finally exposed. Check! But if Barry has gone back in time, does that mean these instant fan-favorite moments could possibly cease to exist?

“It’s sort of the advantage of having a show that dabbles in time travel,” said Kreisberg. “This episode allowed us to give people a tease and a taste and make some big reveals because as always, we try to not keep every secret all the time and we try to dole some stuff out and start giving the audience some of the audience I think they’ve been craving.”

All that said, Kreisberg added we don’t know everything yet:

“There’s still plenty of things that have been unsaid and what Wells really wants for Barry ultimately and how things are going to play out. This episode just felt like an amazing opportunity to do some crazy stuff and hopefully as people are watching it they’re not going to  see the ending coming... so when they’re watching it it’s all happening for them as if ‘holy crap, this is really what’s happening!"

Barry & Iris & Eddie: While we’re not sure what Barry going back in time will do to that epic smooch with Iris, Patton said she thinks "what’s important about this episode is we finally learn the answer to the question that Barry asks Iris on The Flash Season 1 Episode 9, I feel this way about you, how do you feel about me?

"And I think Iris, when she’s backed against a wall and she realizes they could both lose their lives it propels her to finally come to grips with how she’s been feeling about Barry and I think that’s so important because at the root of how she feels, she loves Barry and that also makes it very complicated because she does love Eddie but it’s just in a different way."

Cisco’s Fate:  Going back in time, we don’t know yet if Cisco will meet the same fate at the hand of Wells – but Kreisberg suggested it will be fun seeing his different journey next week.

“Part of the fun of 16 is watching how, when time changes, how certain events occur that prevent Cisco from following along this same trajectory so watching how things play out but in a completely different way,” Kreisberg said.

And, if we’re to trust the comics, Cisco eventually becomes a member of the Justice League, with Kreisberg teasing that that may be address in episode 122 when “Wells begins to impart some tidbits about a certain character’s future possibilities.”

Space & Time: Wells has talked in the past about different kinds of time travel and Kreisberg offered this tidbit: “I think one of the fun things is discovering, as always like on ‘Doctor Who,’ what’s a fixed point in time and what can’t be changed and what things always have to happen and what things are changeable and mutable. It’s sort of a mixture of both.”

Kreisberg said the writers have created their own set of rules on time travel, which will unfold in the coming episodes.

Thawne Family Tree: We found out that Harrison Well’s real name is Eobard Thawne, which makes him a relative to Eddie Thawne, right? What will we see next about this development?

“I think you can take [Wells] at his word that there is a family connection between the two of them and there’s some great scenes coming up between Tom and Rick that start to become a storyline…it’s cool stuff," said Kreisberg.

For those not in the know about the comics, Eddie was the Reverse Flash in the source material, but the series is obviously going with its own take.

How Should We Feel About Wells?: Is he a villain? Is he misunderstood? Duplicitous? “Just a guy trying to get home,” is Cavanagh’s explanation to how he thinks of the character he’s playing, adding:

“The starting point has always been as Thawne, as Eobard Thawne, so everything starts there and Harrison Wells layers upon it."

“He doesn’t lie to them, almost never lies,” the actor continued. “He’s telling the truth and he’s furthering his agenda but he’s also furthering Barry’s agenda and those two agendas are simpatico and so as he’s working with them, he is appreciative and all that stuff that you see is not a moustache-twirling, villainous stating point. It’s actually genuine. We’re trying to accomplish something and for the first season, we’re accomplishing it together.”

All this makes it even more heartbreaking as the next phase of Well’s plan begins, the actor concluded, while Kreisberg added that everything Wells said to Cisco before killing him was all the truth.

Questions & Answers: Kreisberg said that, like they’ve done on Arrow as questioned are answered, so many more questions will arise that will push into future episodes and seasons:

“Towards the end of this season, a whole bunch of new questions will pop up and that will drive this series forward but most of the questions that we [posed] at the beginning of the season will be paid off.”

More Weather Wizard: Liam McIntyre returns in next week’s episode and Kreisberg revealed that he’ll be back later in the season, too.

Episode 16: Since so much happened on The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, how much of it can and will be changed now that Barry has a chance at a do-over?

“The ramifications of this episode are the fun of episode 16 and seeing exactly what happened in 15, how much of it still happens and how much of it might possibly change."

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