Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Cliffhanger

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Well, we did say we wanted to see more of Ralph.

On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21, Ralph makes a reappearance in a huge and painful way. It started off innocently enough, with Ralph dressed up exactly like Walter for school picture day. The reveal was absolutely adorable, especially when Toby and Happy helped make the Walter connection even more obvious.

These are the Ralph moments that we have been missing. Some cute, adorable time at the garage, and there was even a moment with Sylvester geeking out with Ralph. It was so great. At first it seemed like seeing Ferret Bueller again was going to be the best part of the garage scenes, but then adorable Ralph showed up.

Red flags should have gone up when Sylvester and Walter reassured Ralph that he was a part of Team Scorpion. They reminded him of how much he had helped the team. So obviously, when Ralph heard that everyone is need to help save all these hostages, Ralph ditched school to go help his team. Ralph, sweetie, school is important, too.

This was a great way to get Paige to consider leaving with Drew. We all knew that Drew getting a job offer was going to come up, and it would force Paige to decide whether or not to follow him. Thankfully, Paige made the decision to go based on Ralph's safety, and the love triangle did not play any part of her decision. No one needed to see another Drew and Walter showdown.

Congratulations, you are raising Walter.


Alright, let's give Walter a little bit a leeway. He did just go through drama with Cabe, but come on, how could he not see that Ralph putting himself in danger is a problem? Did Ralph help save the day? Yes, but he is a tiny child who should not be anywhere near an incinerator shaft.

It was ridiculous that he did not acknowledge that Ralph voluntarily putting himself in danger was not a good thing. Walter could have said something about how he will talk to Ralph about it, but instead, Walter took the approach of saying Ralph did what he had to for the greater good. Did Walter's reaction bother you? Should we grant him a pass since this was a drama filled day for him?

Let's talk about the Cabe and Walter drama, shall we? It was great that Cabe confessed everything to Walter before the information dump happened. He could have waited until the information was released before telling Walter. It isn't as if Walter would have time to read everything and find out the truth right then during the case.

I'm not your kid, not anymore.


Walter, reacted poorly, as was expected. He let his emotions get in the way, and he basically attacked Cabe for asking people to trust him when Cabe does nothing but destroy trust. To make matters worse, Walter gave an ultimatum.

Okay, here is the problem with Walter's no more Cabe demand. He did not take anyone else's opinion into the mix. He was selfish. Cabe broke my trust, and now he is off the island. Do you think anyone else would have demanded Cabe leave if they knew the full truth about Walter and Cabe's fight?

It isn't surprising that Walter didn't confer with the rest of the team, though. This is the guy who did an interview all by himself and though the team would be happy. Walter's decision to kick out Cabe made sense for Walter's character. Was it still a bad decision? Absolutely.

There were some upsides to this news coming out. One is that it allowed for Walter and Cabe to both share how much Baghdad has been eating away at them. It isn't surprising how damaging this was to Walter, but Baghdad destroyed Cabe on an unexpected level. Cabe said it was the worst thing he has ever done.

You were just a kid. The blame lies with me.


Another upside is that it gave Paige something to do. This was a great case for Paige because she had a clear purpose. Not only was she instrumental in getting Sarah to help them, but Paige kept the team together. She got through to Walter when he was being emotional and wouldn't let Cabe go into the building with him. 

There are some cases where it feels like Paige is kind of there. She doesn't do anything hugely important, but this case proved how vital Paige is to Team Scorpion. No one else would have been able to convince Walter to go into the building with Cabe. Maybe Cabe or Toby could have talked to Sarah, but not as effectively as Paige.

This was a great, emotional hour of television. The case managed to involve a personal element in that the hacker wanted the truth to be revealed about the Baghdad bombing Cabe and Walter had a hand in, and the case also ended up putting Ralph in danger. It was hard not to get swept up in the emotion of it all.

It will be just like rock climbing with magnets down a blazing hot metal tube.


Is Happy right? Is the team doomed without Cabe? There's no doubt that Cabe has defended Scorpion time and time again. Whenever someone tries to belittle their involvement or kick them off a case, Cabe is there. However, if Homeland assigned them another agent, would the team still be okay?

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Team Scorpion is more screwed without Cabe or without Paige?

How are we all going to survive Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 next week? The finale is going to be brutal. Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic!

Cliffhanger Review

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Congratulations, you are raising Walter.


Toby: How long are you going to keep punishing me for sleeping through our date?
Happy: How long is your life span?