The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Leonard Caul

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Was Red’s life in danger from the Director’s assault? Might he actually die?

It’s hard to believe that The Blacklist would ever get rid of its most valuable character on the series, but The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 19 certainly tried to ratchet up some tension towards a possible deathly fate for Raymond Reddington.

And surprise, surprise, the fedora-loving character survived.

Though, his survival came with various members banding together to keep him alive, including Liz.

Going from angrily attempting to rid herself of Red in The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 18 to quickly doing whatever it took to keep Red around, Liz was on a mission.

It’s clear that despite her disdain for all the secrets and lies Red has been doling out, she’s not so cold hearted that she’d let him simply bleed out and die after the attack on his life.

But it certainly took her down a rabbit hole that offered a few more questions as to the connection between her and Red.

I really can’t imagine that it was simply a manipulation to get at the fulcrum, and seeing those photos of Liz in the secret apartment she must never tell Red she was in seemed to emphasize that. And I’m glad that she took a few photos on her phone, though I can’t help but notice she’s still using a flip phone.

Really, Liz? No iPhone?

She and the audience also learned just how real the fulcrum actually is. It’s not some major bluff card, but it reveals all these dirty little secrets against the Director and his group.

It was great to see that Liz was able to stop the Director in his tracks and force the attack on Red to be called off. She really had the upper hand and it certainly will keep the group at bay… for now.

I wasn’t at all surprised by Tom Connolly being given a seat at the table with the Director and his group. I was secretly hoping it would be someone actually surprising (can you imagine if it was Dembe!), but I wonder how that sort of upgrade will wind up affecting the relationship with Harold.

The Director is not done with Red or Liz just yet.

And that comment about the mother?

I really want to know more about what’s up with Liz within this major battle of powers. I’m glad she wants to know more too, and I’m pleased that Tom is going to help her try and answer some questions.

Even with Red sort of telling Liz about Tom, he still is keeping things in the dark. That’s not going to help the relationship with Liz. As much as it was good he said some things to Liz, a real tell-all conversation would change things.

I was certainly engaged in the hour, a real continuation of what happened after Red was shot, but not too much new was revealed. If anything, it really shifted things into a new path for Liz to take that will push her towards finding more out about Red as the season finale looms on the horizon.

And I’m certainly eager to get more into that.

What did you think of the episode? What will Liz learn about Red? Sound off below, and catch up on all the episodes when you watch The Blacklist online now.

Leonard Caul Review

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The Director

It wouldn't kill you to lie just once to make someone feel good.