Salem Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Beckoning Fair One

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Remind me to never go to a dinner party in Salem!

It was another off week on Salem Season 2 Episode 7. What could have been an exciting episode filled with action, turned out to be a huge dud – you'd think with only a handful of episodes left, they'd start upping the ante and throw us a few bones.

You also have to wonder why John was even in this episode when he had absolutely nothing to do except, literally, hang around – please tell me they're going to do something with this guy because it's getting tiring having him thrown into various episodes and not having him do anything. 

Lets discuss the other events of "The Beckoning Fair One."

Increase has certainly seen better days, but at least Mary used her brain and prevented him from possibly hurting her; though I figured with her ingesting his flesh she would be able to control him and make sure he wouldn't be able to cause her harm.

You could definitely tell Mary knew exactly what she wanted to say to Increase and she made sure to let him know she's in control now. Even in death Increase still is able to banter well and when he called Mary, "Satan's whore," I couldn't help but crack up a little.

A bone from Mary Sibley, Satan's favorite whore.


Countess Marburg proves yet again how ghastly she can be, yet I still find myself completely enamored with her and actually root for her even though he methods are truly evil – she has shown she's a force to be reckoned with and it's going to take some extremely powerful magic to get rid of her and Mary is being way too careless in her methods to try to rid herself, and Salem, of the Countess. 

Mary was an idiot for not thinking of doing something to ensure her son wouldn't be seen by Countess Marburg and it falls on her when the Countess comes for her son.

The whole Anne/Cotton relationship is starting to bore me. It's clear, despite the magic, he does have some underlying feelings for Anne, but she shouldn't have accepted his proposal without being honest with him. He's eventually going to find out what Anne has been doing and the longer she keeps it a secret, the worse it's going to get for her. 

The dinner party was filled with uncomfortable conversations and mild anticipation something bad was about to happen, but the only appalling moment came when Sebastian revealed they got rid completely of George and implied the entire dinner party consumed his final remains – yummy.

Of course the best part of the party was Countess Marburg talking about the very people at the dinner and what she plans to do with them – it may have been mildly creepy, but it was a hoot to listen to.

Like piggies at the trough, little knowing how soon they'll be led to the slaughter. Some of them have their uses, true enough, I suppose. Mr. Hawthorne will make a fine puritan beard for us to wear; greedy and easily manipulated, so he will live. Young Mather, on the other hand, he's harmless...hardly! Filled with passion and ideals, there's very little more dangerous than that combination. No, he must die so young Mather can join his father in Hell. And of course, the handsome Dr. Wainwright, he should die first of all. Too fearless, too intelligent, above all, too curious, wouldn't you agree? After all as you'll soon learn, if you've not already, it's precisely sacrifice that fuels our work. You might say that sacrificing what we most love is the key to opening all doors.

Countess Marburg

In the end, Dr. Wainwright did some digging around (literally) on a live person who had been struck with the plague and found out his organs were liquefied and the black bile which fell to the floor was going to places unknown.

Countess Marburg couldn't stop gushing over Mary's "nephew" and how excited she was about the prospect of seeing "her dark lord" and is convinced he's already inside the boy – which didn't exactly thrill Sebastian. She also informed Mercy she's going to fetch the boy for her. 

Meanwhile, Cotton got the surprise of his life when his father showed up in his house and we have to wait until next week to see the charming family reunion; though I imagine it's not going to go well.

What did you think of tonight's episode? How are they going to take down Countess Marburg?

You can catch up on the entire season of Salem anytime. Go watch Salem online via TV Fanatic and come back to let us know what you think in the comments below. 

The Beckoning Fair One Review

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