Supernatural Round Table: A Brand New Angel?!?

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Claire finally found her mother and the Novaks got some resolution. But what will happen to Castiel now?

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 20 brought the action and gave Sam, Dean and Castiel some bonding moments with Claire.

So of course TV Fanatic staff writers Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice had to take a mini golf break to chat about “Angel Heart.”

See what they had to say and join in the latest Supernatural Round Table!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: It was a tie for me. First, the bonding moment between Claire and Sam. Sam’s comment that his mother died when he was a baby shut her up, but I loved how it really threw her when he said they got along later in life. Just another twisted Winchester story of getting to know the dead loved ones! The second was Dean and Claire playing mini golf. I had no idea why, other than it’s always been on my bucket list to see a Winchester playing mini golf. 

Carla: "Death doesn't always mean goodbye" was the perfect line for Sam to say but also something that Claire needed to hear at that moment. Overall, I adored the personal relationship Claire was able to have with Sam. Not to take away from the golfing, which also was special. Sam and Claire were able to bond over their lost parents.

Sean: I really liked how Claire was able to have different moments with Sam, Dean and Castiel. But for me, the mini golf scene was the one that stuck out for me. I’m always really invested in the mythology storylines, but there are so many simple character moments that work nicely. And this was one of them. Add in some humor ( a la movie references) and you get a fun scene for the hour. I mean, how often do you get to see a Winchester playing mini golf?

Were you glad to see Claire again?

Alice: I wasn’t at first, but I do admit she didn’t annoy me this time. I think because they finally found a writer that knew how to write a teenager. Plus it gave closure to a storyline that never should have been pursued. 

Carla: If you asked me before the episode, I would have said that I was indifferent about her character. After the episode, I really enjoyed it and seeing how quickly Claire's matured. The hour had many touching moments and overall was one I enjoyed a lot.

Sean: I agree with Alice on this one. I wasn’t really thrilled to see her character back as I wasn’t a fan from her last episodes. And yet, I was far more OK with it this time, especially seeing her bond with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. And we got some closure for her (though she might be back again in the future?) and her parents.

What did you think of the Grigori angel?

Alice: I loved that they tapped into that mythology, but I wish they could have done more. The Girgori certainly seem to have a different history and mythology and it all got glossed over with a quick monologuing villain scene (naturally with Sam tied up to hear it). It’s the mythology of the various orders of angels and demons that I wish this show explored more rather than going into witchcraft territory. We have other CW shows for that.  

Carla: Ten seasons and the writers are able to keep the villains fresh. While I do like the history of the series and the supernatural villains they have faced before, it's a pleasant surprise when they can come up with something different that fits the overarching storylines. It was handled a little quick, but that doesn't mean it won't come up again.

Sean: I’m always curious when we get some new mythology, especially in the fact he carried an angel sword. There’s definitely more material to be mined there, but I’m on the fence about whether I want to further explore the Grigori or just leave them as the monster of the week for the episode.

Did you like how things wrapped up for the Novaks at the end?

Alice: I guess, even though I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why Jimmy got his idyllic Heaven and Bobby did not. If Bobby missed the hunt, why not let him hunt in Heaven? Why didn’t he get to spend eternity with his wife? Sorry, I digress. It was nice closure, and at least Jimmy doesn’t have to spend eternity alone. As for Claire, sadly, they’ve pretty much set it up for her to come back. Unless she’s part of the new Jody Mills “Supernatural” themed spin-off, I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

Carla: Absolutely. After the sacrifice Jimmy made, he deserves a happily ever after even if that was in heaven. They will live out eternity with their loved one and that's awesome. It fits that Claire would be sent off to live with Jody Mills. I'd love to see a spin-off with her and the kids she's taken in.

Sean: Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m still trying to figure out Heaven and how it’s presented on the show. And while I disliked Amelia being killed off so soon (they just found her!), I thought it was a very solid scene when she reunited for Jimmy. It was a good way to close out that story. And in a lot of ways, the episode sort of closed out Claire’s story with Castiel. But will she be back? Hmmm. Time will tell...

What would you like to see Castiel do now?

Alice: Not die. I think this episode sent some serious hints on what’s coming for Castiel and it doesn’t look pretty. Why else would they wrap up Claire’s story so cleanly? There’s been foreshadowing since “The Executioner’s Song” that Castiel could die and if you think about it, what’s left for Castiel to do? Be the badass angel warrior that he’s supposed to be, that’s what.  So that’s what I want to see.

Carla: I'm not sure there's much left for Cas to do as he currently is. The Winchesters don't need him in the same way that they used to need him. It's both good and sad. Cas needs to find a new purpose and journey. I'm hoping he'll be integral in removing the Mark of Cain from Dean, though I also fear he could need to sacrifice himself to do that.

Sean: Oh, man, do you think he will die? In the finale maybe? Certainly after the lackluster story he was given for this season, I’d love to see the writers kick it up a notch and give Castiel something interesting to do. I certainly got where they were coming from, but it just didn’t deliver for me. So, yes, let’s get him back to that badass angel warrior for sure, but I’m getting worried with the finale right around the corner. And a sacrifice seems could be just that...

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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