Supernatural Season 10 Episode 20 Review: Angel Heart

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So Claire Novak was back.

That’s right, Supernatural Season 10 Episode 20 pressed pause on Rowena, the codex and the Mark of Cain to put the focus on Castiel trying to help out Claire.

He’s definitely been stuck on the making amends train, but at least we got a bit of closure on that front by the end of the hour.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been as interested or as excited with Castiel’s journey for Supernatural Season 10, from his rogue angel hunt with Hannah to trying to play dad with Claire. It’s felt like he’s been wandering about, unsure of his purpose, and sometimes I’ve been wondering if the writers are trying to figure out what to do with him, too.

But there was some definite improvement in the relationship front for Claire and Castiel. It’s clear the angel has been trying to do whatever he can to help her, and it was great to see her thank him and even give him a hug by the end.

I liked that she really got some hunting 101 from Sam and Dean as well. I think that really opened her eyes to what they actually do, what Castiel has been apart of, and provided her with a few tips in case she ever decides to go hunting in the future.

Really, Claire was a far better character in this hour than when we’ve seen her before, and she had some great moments with Sam, Dean and Castiel.

It’s just tragic that when they finally found Amelia (new actress playing her), she was quickly killed. I wasn’t expecting that and was disappointed that was the ending for her.

However, allowing Amelia and Jimmy to reunite in Heaven was a nice touch and great way to bring those two back together. It was some solid emotional closure for them, and I guess, at least, Claire knows her mom didn’t abandon her.

But I wonder if the Grigori angel was merely a monster of the week or a setup for something in the future. That sword was a new twist on the angel blade, and Castiel seemed surprised that the Grigori angel was even around. Feeding on souls no less.

I enjoyed the battle as Sam, Castiel and Dean tried to take it out. It’s always fun to get a little action for the hour, especially when the pacing feels like its moving a bit slower than normal.

I’m not sure what was up with Castiel saying Dean got overly out of hand at the bar (that seemed really tame compared to what the Mark has made him do), and hearing Dean talk about going it alone was different from his speech in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 19 about working best together.

Though, at least they all worked together by the end and Dean admitted that he would keep on fighting. Perhaps that angel sword might help him later on?

Really, I’m just eager to get back to the story involving the Mark of Cain.

This was a fair episode, and I’m glad we did get some closure for the Novaks, but it's still not a journey that I’ve found to be the most compelling. Though, perhaps Castiel will be able to find his way again, and most certainly help Sam and Dean with the Mark of Cain.

What did you think of the episode? Were you glad that Amelia and Jimmy reunited? Sound off below. And as always, be sure to watch Supernatural online here at TV Fanatic!

Angel Heart Review

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